Another teeth extraction

        I had my another teeth extraction today, exactly after one-week of my last extraction of my left maxillary & mandibular first premolars (read my post on first time of teeth extraction HERE!). I would say today's extraction was a better one, but my teeth were still the hardest to be extracted (the seniors called it degil) & i had around total of 8-10 injections of local anesthetics especially on my right maxillary first premolar. The injections were a little bit painful but luckily the anesthesia was invented if not the extraction would be the most painful thing to suffer (x100 times).

        They spent nearly 30 mins to extracted my giant big teeth each (that's why they called it degil) & i can saw the seniors are really exhausted after extracted my teeth.

        Another thing that made me so embarrassed was i cried when the senior extracted my mandibular premolar & accidentally hitted my maxilla & the teeth. Actually it was not that painful but i dont know why i started crying silently after they extracted the tooth. Maybe there was some physiology changed in my body or hormone imbalance lolol, too stressful to suffer the extraction i think.

        The Indian handsome doctor whose helped me to take out the fractured root in the tooth socket last week recognized me today, it made me so happy & surprised, also made me really admired him, respected his professional & his concern towards his patients (that's me! haha). The fifth year senior who responsible for the extraction today is Siti Halijah & her partner.

Notice the new deep wound on my right side of my mandible.
The left side wound (extracted last week, appeared in white colour) is in the healing process.

The bloody wound. A bit blur.

 The maxilla. The new wound is on the right side of my maxilla,
while left side is in healing process too.

Deep bloody wound & a bit scary huh?

Tada! Another big hole on my right side of my teeth!

First picture taken after the four first premolars were extracted.
Luckily the big holessss are not that noticeable when captured from front haha.
But with a swollen face lol.

        I was switched to "Thank God!" mood when they had finally finished extracted my teeth. Finished those suffering extraction sessions, the bonding session awaiting me on next Tuesday! Yay :D

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