Escape To The Historical City

        Yes, last week me & my friends visited the historical city - Malacca for a real sweet escape during the Hari Raya Haji holiday. FYI, many of my course-mates went back to home during that 3-day-holiday, so the rest of us (takan just stay in the hostel without the cafe operate right?) decided to go to Malacca to enjoy our Hari Raya Haji lol! 

Tickets to getaway!

Had satay celup upon arrived at Malacca!

Variety of ingredients to choose from to treat your stomach!


Jia yi

Sime chem, our Malacca tour guide and driver haha :D

After finished our satay celup & wantan mee as supper, we went to Jusco
to enjoy the late night movie - Ted, a typical American film.
Since it was still early, we spent 1 hour++ for this!
GSC Silver Jubilee Celebration contest.
Hyundai Inokom Elantra for Grand prize winner!

Jia ying was looking so hard for the correct answers until wanna break the box lol!

Nice weather!
Went to have the famaous Hainanese chicken rice as breakfast the next morning
at the Malacca town near the Jonker street.

With kaileen while queue-ing to treat our stomachs.
The restaurant was so crowded!

This recently-become-'ai shui'-fella was busying tidying her hair
with my mirror on her hand and get caught!

Chung Wah Restaurant

Tada! The famous chicken rice that rolled into balls!


Playing with the balls lol!

The well-cooked tasty chicken.

Next destination: Jonker Street 鸡场街

Went into the shop - 三叔公 that sells a lots of local foods.

Nice packaging local foods are ideal for souvenirs!

Sime chem was finding the perfect angle for shooting while i were finding mine shooting him.

Nice decorations above the shop!

'Muscle-man' statue in the Jonker street

It was Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Boon Leong.

Enjoying the Baba Nyonya laksa.
For me the laksa tasted so-so only, i still prefer Penang laksa!

Mouth-watering ice kacang & cendol with durian!
It was superb that made you crave for more especially during the hot days.
Price range from MYR 3.90 - 5.90.

Both of us bought hats at a shop at Jonker street!

Nice art pieces hanging in a shop

Retro-style magnets!
I bought three of them, the boss was so kind enough to give me another one FOC!

Another must-try durian puff at Taste Better shop!

Golden durian puffsss!
The durian paste inside the puff was so smooth and creamy,
the only way to eat it is put the whole puff inside your mouth
so that the durian paste will flow out to stimulate your taste buds! 

Had sour plum ice under the hot sun!

Headed to nearby beach!

Playing with the bubbles!

Enjoyed the beach, the sun and the fun with you guys!

Love this blue blue sky!

Sime chem with the blue sky.

It looked like i was in summer vacation haha!

This ginakia cant stop playing with the bubbles!

The retro-style magnets that i bought.
I wonder Coca-cola was the ideal brain tonic at last time? O.o

Headed to the Yeast bakery to buy their signature and selling-fast swiss roll!
I like the green tea flavour with red beans the most!

Bought the green tea flavour and the raspberry flavour swiss rolls.
Too bad it can only stay for 2-3 days without putting into the fridge
and when i brought some for my couse-mates to taste they were actually turned sour >.<
Price range from MYR 8.90 - 12.90 per roll if not mistaken.

Went to Nadeje to try their famous mille crepe.

Variety of flavours to choose from.

The original, green tea and cheese flovour mille crepe.
Price range from MYR 7.90 - 9.90 per piece.

Had our dinner at there too!

Nice dinner at there!
The dishes are yummy and the price is reasonable,
the grilled fish served with garlic and olive oil costs me MYR 16++ only.

Hope to visit Malacca again!

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