Schean's Birthday Celebration @ Ben's KLCC

        Phewww~ Finally the dreadful exam week was over! And here come the holiday ready for the Chinese New Year and also not forget the shopping spree :D #Girls'heaven!

        Just after the last paper of the end-sem-exam, we went to KLCC to celebrate Shi Chean's 21st birthday! It was my first time went to KLCC though i have study at KL for almost two years lol.

        We planned to dine at Chilis but unfortunately they do not allow so many people went in at one time (What law is that? Give you bussiness to do but dont want to accept lol.), so we changed our plan to Ben's.

        Skip the looong story, let the pictures do the talking!

CNY decoration at KLCC

 Red laterns everywhere
 Four pretties! Sweetie, bih, mashi & lavonne ^^

 Bih was posting happily like a boss
 Lavonne was posting so girly
When the boss meet the girl haha :P

Me ^^
Meet the new Charlie's angels!
Dine at Ben's

Try to post as 淑女 haha :D
Then came the real 淑女 ivy & lavonne haha!
Huichyi & me
 Me, bih & ahmo

With the pretty ahmo ^^
With the real 淑女 ivy hehe

Dinner time!


 This was my mushroom lasagne.
Looked yummy but tasted ermmm weird.
The taste of the mushroom was a bit too heavy and turned awful.
I can only finished about 1/3 of it.
That's why i was very hungry after coming back from KLCC lol.

 Mashi, me, ivy, bih, lavonne & sweetie <3
Can't stop selca-ing for the whole night!
Meet the pretty birthday girl Shi chean!
May you be blessed with happiness & stay sweet as always!

 Sweet ^^
Not the cake but the couple haha
 Photo time!
There are many pretties among my coursemates right?

With bestie <3
Nice background!

After the dinner we went to watch the musical fountain just outside the KLCC.
It was so beautiful and nearly took my breath away!
You know i always in love with the music <3
It was playing the famous song "My Heart Will Go On"

Night view @ KLCC
This is my favourite shot!
        That's all for today! Gonna go to bed earlier today coz tomorrow me & my coursemates will go to the Broga Hill for mountain climbing! Have to wake up at 4am & hopefully can see the sunrise! Can't wait for it!
        Good night world :)
P/S: Sorry for the not-so-good quality of pictures coz the light at the Ben's was quite dim. Some pictures were taken from ivy & sime chem's album :)

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