It's holiday!

        Yeah i was finally at home! I feel so GREAT being at home, although i just did nothing, sticked at the sofa watching tv for the whole night with family, turned over the fridge searching for so many desserts and settled them all with family and turned up woke up late around 11.30am today. After having chee cheong fan as my brunch (it's breakfast + lunch) while enjoying Final Destination, i helped my parents doing the house chores, in fact, i love doing house chores when i'm in good mood, or maybe doing house chores boosted my mood up. Later, my parents and my sister planned to homemade and handmade some sushi, i just sited at there staring at them cutting the crab meats and the cucumber. While the japanese rice was ready, i wrapped some sushi and california hand rolls and decorated them so nicely to treat my stomach! Too bad my phone was spoiled, cant capture those colourful and mouth-watering sushi and share with you guys! Nom nom nom.

        Well, me and my dede family went to Genting Highland few days ago, we had so much fun at there although we just sampat-ing and strolling at there. I'm bit lazy to add all the details here, so let the pictures tell you the story!

#1 At the bus stop with jying

#2 I wonder why there were 8 hands
whereas our dede family only have 7 members wtf?

#3 Sweetie was trying hard for a sweet pose

#4 I supposed that the weather was not that cold

#5 That's me!

#6 With miss cb khaw & miss ho

#7 We're big bullies!

#8 Poor little cb khaw~

#9 Enjoying

#10 Holiday mood



#13 Treat these 3 fellows with McDonald's green apple
sundae cones 'coz they win in a bet wtf!
They ran down on the escalator that went up!
Okay you did it & here your cones!

#14 It's lunch time! Maggi hot cup at KFC omg!

#15 Poor little uncle,
but thank God at least i didn't broke his leg!

#16 Tata, till we meet again!
p/s: I love this shades so much!

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