The Very First Full Denture

        First of all, this full denture was not made for me lol (i still have a set of pretty & healthy teeth), this full denture was made BY ME! Capital letters + bold + large font lolol.

        It took me almost one sem to finish it, one sem you know, one sem = more or less five months of patience and delicate and fine art works, from taking impression, poring models, making special tray, making base plate, waxing, arranging the teeth on the wax, doing gum work, polishing, flasking, blah blah blah, until tadaahhh the super shinny and natural-looking set of denture! 是不是很像不像假的假牙叻? Hahaha :D

You sure wanna wear this denture which made by me when you're old lol
 Right side view
Left side view
The denture on the articulator,
where we did our teeth arranging and gum work with it to support the denture and
help to align or occlude the teeth between upper and lower correctly.
Upper and lower teeth on the articulator.
See how hard i polished until the gum shinning like this lol!
You gonna prepare yourself a shade to view it properly!
*blink blink*
Me posting happily with my very first full denture ^.^
 Pretty or not?
I mean the denture lol.
Another vain picture of me &
my five-month-time-to-produce-baby lolol!
        Lastly, special thanks to our tutor En Ramli Ahmad, a very dedicate and humorous teacher for teaching us from zero until finally successfully 'produced' the end product! It is very enjoyable and super relax to attend his class with his humorous jokes along the way :D
        Can't wait for making the partial denture on the next sem! Kindly contact me if you want a denture for yourself in the future! Just joking lol :P

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    1. Thank you The Sunset Goddess! Can't believe you leave a comment at here! I enjoy reading your blog :D

  2. Waaa, geng leh! 赞!When are you gonna graduate from UKM?

    1. Still have a long journey to go dear :) Have to study for another three and a half year ^^

  3. kah yao!! <3 So real!! I hope i wont wear that la, but in case, i'll find u!! xDD