My Macro-Photography - The Beauty of Nature

     Finally updated a post on photography!

     It was my VERY FIRST TIME using the DSLR (last time all photos uploaded were shot with my phone's camera), special thanks to Farid, my Malay course-mate who willingly to borrow me his DSLR!

     I love so much about photography, but seriously i know nothing about all those lighting, speed and etc stuffs. I just shot for fun and follow my heart. After all there is not definite rules on shooting right?

     One unfortunate thing was Farid's DSLR normal lens was broken down, so he borrowed me his camera with a macro-lens.


     Wikipedia: A macro-lens is used to shoot for close-up photograph, usually on very small objects.

     At first i was totally clueless about it, then i tried to shot for some photos myself and finally know how it functions. So obviously it can't be used to shoot for people or beautiful scenery, which i like the most T.T

     But after tried on a few times, keep searching and focusing on small little tiny objects at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (a lake site which near my hostel), a macro-lens can actually captured some nice pictures too!

     Let's the pictures do the talking!

     P/S: I really don't like to upload pictures on blogger, it's kind of messing the order of all the pictures duh =.=

     P/S: Shooting for that bird was the hardest part, i waited for so long (i was squatting lol) for it to turn its head to me and some more there were so many mosquitoes at there, but it was definitely worth it!

     That's all for tonight! Hope i can have my very own DSLR soon! And hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

     Good night :D

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