NH Detoxlim Natural Clenx Tea Review

        I am pretty sure many of you have heard about the NH Detoxlim Natural Clenx Tea. If you are not heard about it, you sure have seen boxes of the Natural Clenx Tea stacked up in the major drug stores such as Watsons and Guardian with the promotional price tag.

Here is it. The NH Detoxlim Natural Clenx Tea, or in chinese as 清肠瘦身茶.

Descriptions from the box:

What is Natural Clenx Tea?

Natural Clenx Tea is made from organic green tea and natural herbs. This traditional herbal formula is used to stimulate peristaltic movement of intestines.

The colon plays an important role in our body's health. The condition of our colon has significant effects on every organ in the body and on our sense of well being in general. This formulation aids peristaltic movement in colon. It helps to regulate the gastrointestinal system and cleanse the colon by removing accumulated waste and excessive fat from the body. It does not over-stimulate the gastrointestinal tract or cause nutrients and moistures loss, drink it daily to maintain a healthy and ideal body shape.

What is the speciality of Natural Clenx Tea?

Natural Clenx Tea is made from 100% organic green tea and natural herbs. Free from added sugar and suitable for long term consumption. It is individually sealed in sachets for your convenience and to maintain tea freshness. It definitely complements your weight loss management program and healthy lifestyle!

How does Natural Clenx Tea work?

The natural ingredients in Natural Clenx Tea works by softening accumulated waste and increase muscle activity in the colon. It helps in regulate digestive system and propels waste in the large intestine to the rectum. Take it regularly to maintain ideal body shape.

What is the ingredients of Natural Clenx Tea?

Each 3g teabag contains:
  • Folium Camellia Sinensis (Organic Green Tea) .................................................................................... 1.20g
  • Folium Cassia Angustifolia .................................................................................... 0.90g
  • Folium Nelumbo Nucifera .................................................................................... 0.45g
  • Herba Mentha Haplocalyx .................................................................................... 0.45g
  • No added fillers, binders, excipients and sugar
  • No added artificial colours, chemical additives, stabilizers or preservatives
  • No harmful laxative 

What is the Benefits of Natural Clenx Tea?

Natural Clenx Tea contains no added sugar, which makes it the ideal choice for a healthy lifestyle. It is traditionally used to regulate bowel movement and reduce body weight.

Directions for use?

Place 1 teabag into boiled water and steep for 5-10 minutes. Refill boiled water 1-2 times as desired. Take 1-2 teabags daily after meal for best results.

Health advice?

  • This is a traditional preparation
  • Do not use when abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting are present
  • If symptoms persist, please consult doctor
  • Frequent or prolong use of this preparation may result in product dependency and electrolytes imbalance
  • Balanced diet and regular exercise are essential
  • Contraindicated in pregnant woman and children


RM 57.60 WM / RM 59.60 EM (retailed price) with 40 teabags + free 10 teabags in a box.

Teabags in the box

A sachet of Natural Clenx Tea

        I bought a box of this Natural Clenx Tea a couple of months ago during promotion as duo pack and shared with my friends. Still remember the day after I tried this tea, I had severe stomachache and rushed to the toilet for at least 3 times. I thought this was due to it was my first time I tried on it.

        But the effect was the same when I had this tea for the second time. The next day after i had this tea, my stomach was in pain suddenly and rushed to the toilet for 3 times too.

        The pain of the stomach was like I was having a diarrhoea. I think this was the effect of the Natural Clenx Tea, it flushed out the accumulated waste and fat and toxin in my body.

        The Natural Clenx Tea is very effective in expelling the toxins and waste products in the body, which works on the very next day after you consumed the tea, but it makes my stomach very discomfort and pain.

       But once you have finish flush out all the toxins and accumulated waste products in your body, your stomach will feel better and feel more lightly, with a flat tummy!

      So I do not take this tea regularly as stated in the box for slimming effect, in fact I take this tea whenever I have constipation or my tummy is fulled of fats and oils after occasional party or heavy dinner, for a detox effect.

        The taste of this tea is more or less like a floral tea plus a hint of herbs, with an aroma of green tea and also a little bit of rosy taste. The taste is more intense than a normal green tea, but it is acceptable.

      My advice for people who wanna try on this Natural Clenx Tea, do not take it if you have an important meeting or function on the next day, as you will definitely rush to the toilet for many times and also suffer the pain of the sudden stomachache.

     So I often take this tea on weekends or on Friday night after a heavy dinner to flush out the toxin accumulated in my body throughout the week. And a gentle reminder, this tea is very effective and the sudden stomach pain may wake you up from your dream in the middle of night, as I experienced this many times.

       Do not depend solely on this Natural Clenx Tea for slimming effect, as stated in the box, frequent or prolong use of this preparation may result in product dependency and electrolytes imbalance! Do exercise regularly and take a healthy and balanced diet instead :)

"To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply,
live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness,
and maintain an interest in life." --- William Londen

[Disclaimer: This post is NOT an advertisement and NOT sponsored by NH Detoxlim.]

21 comments on "NH Detoxlim Natural Clenx Tea Review"

  1. Wow! Thanks for this, I'm gonna try it! :D

    1. Dear Ysabel Hernandez,

      You're welcome and happy trying! Tell me how you feel about it after you have try it! Have a nice day :)


    2. Hello Sharon,
      I just bought it today but don't exactly understand how to prepare it. Steeping for a while is fine but why do we have to refill the water?
      Secondly, did you find any significant changes in your weight? Like along with the controlled food, how much time should it take to shed the excess weight? Any idea?

  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for your sharing. What time do you normally drink this tea? And after how many hours you will start to feel the urge (or rather pain as you stated)? I am thinking of taking this during weekends too but hope it won't disturb my routine. Looking forward to your reply :)

    1. Dear KoKoKevin,

      Last time I consumed this tea after lunch at afternoon, I will have sudden stomachache in the middle of night. So I tried to have this tea at night after dinner, and the stomachache didn't came in the middle of night anymore, but the very next morning instead. The results are depend on people, different people will have different experiences and not necessarily the sudden stomach pain which I felt everytime I had the tea. Wish you enjoy your tea and have a very nice day :)


    2. Hi Sharon, thanks for your reply :) After browsing through some other reviews, I found out that it is not recommended to take this product for long term (which I don't plan to do so too). I have decided to give Kinohimitsu Detox Tea a try instead. Anyway, thanks for your useful information. :)

  3. This is my 5th visit to the toilet..ouchhh..

    1. Dear Chris Lawrence,

      Ouchhh! Hope this tea does no harm to your body! Maybe you should try not to take the tea too often. Have a great day! Cheers!


    2. Hi sharon, do you experienced green poop after taking the clenx tea?After taking it for the first time, i did. Should i be concerned about it or is it normal side effects? tnks.

  4. Hi Sharon, izzit once took this tea it will continuously went to toilet after our meal?. If for slimming purpose, how long could it take to slim down?. Thanks in advance

  5. I just hv it for 2 days... aggree what u said.. everyone has different effect.. for me i just fot normal pain and 1 time toilet only. Maybe i shld take 2 bags perday to get twice time dating with toilet


  7. I completely agree wid u.same thing happened wid me.its nice to clean d system aftr heavy meals

  8. I completely agree wid u.same thing happened wid me.its nice to clean d system aftr heavy meals

  9. Haha same goes here. But a bit more worst to me where is i must go to the toilet more than 5times. Damn it. Haha but its really make me fall in love with it. I consumed this product for 3month ady. But i only use 1sachet for 1 day a week.

  10. Hi from Indonesia
    Just read your review and sounds good
    I wanna try but there is no distributor from Indonesia ��

  11. Hi from Indonesia
    Just read your review and sounds good
    I wanna try but there is no distributor from Indonesia ��

  12. Can I drink during menstruation ?

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