The Last Post of Soon-to-be-candidate-of-dreadful-Professional-Exams

        It has been a thousand year ago since the day i last updated my blog. These few weeks were fulled of exams, events & activities that nearly took my breath away. So now started the study weeks (thank God it's weeks not week) before facing the dreadful, awful & fearful exams, and this time, the professional exams. It seems like i'm putting some kilos (kilos? hopefully is grams) on my weight since the exams are nearer, gosh! The only main reason i can figured out is we (the soon-to-be-candidates-of-professional-exams) nearly spend more than or at least 10 hours a day (for some i guess?) sitting like applied the super duper sticky glue on their asses to be fixed on the chair, in front of the table facing the notes without moving around or even blinking their eyes. For me, to overcome this shitty stress, i'm sort of finding food every time & everywhere, that's why my belly is getting rounder & rounder, my ass is getting fuller & plumper, not to forget my face is getting fatter & fatter, aaaawwwwww!

        Okay, let me update you the events that happened this few weeks.

1. "Escape To Japan" Dental Annual Dinner  
So we were escaped to Japan, Hokkaido if i were given the chance to choose where to escape haha! The annual dinner was held at Mega View Banquet Deck, KL Tower. The banner was labelled with "Come experience Japan at 288m from sea level" & everything looked so grand & splendid.  Many of my coursemates were wearing kimono & yukata & had their make-up & hairdo at outside. For me, five of us worked together to have our make-up & hairdo done by ourselves because we had to come earlier to KL Tower for rehearsal. Forgot to mention that i was one of the dancers that performed the fans dance on that night! So i had the chance to wear kimono for the performance & later changed to my dress on that night. The officers at KL Tower gave their best services to each & every tourists, it made us feel like a VIP, but for the food i just rated 6/10 for them because i cannot enjoyed with those fish, shrimp, meat & chicken (not even the sushi) much due to the performance. My lucky no. 177 also managed to let me went up to stage to have my lucky draw prize haha! Below are some of the pictures taken from several hands, i didnt manage to upload mine due to my handphone was spoiled on that night wtf.

#1 Group photo

#2 Together as a family

#3 Dede family emo-ing

#4 Mashi, lavonne, me, sweetie & bih aka cb khaw

#5 Our table, Chiba.
Spot my lucky no. 177 on the gift bag!

#6 Act cute

#7 Five of us worked together 团结团结就是力量!

#8 Another group photo

#9 With all the lengluis

#10 With my fifth year buddy, Xinyi

#11 Thanks Justin for this photo

#12 I have an awesome camerawoman
to take awesome picture for me!

#13 Awesome night view of KL Twins Tower from KL Tower!

2. The Study Weeks
Finally we had came to this week. Hopefully i dont put more kilos on any part of my body anymore for my own good sake. What i have to do in these two weeks is stay focus, focus & focus! Gonna find a super duper triple sticky glue to apply on my ass so i can fixed on the chair facing all the notes all day round.

3. The Old Man
Many of my friends described me as an old man, because i like to listen to old songs, songs that back to centuries ago that even you haven't been born yet. I like classical music the most, followed by recently-addicted-Andrea-Bocelli. Let me introduce to you one of his master piece besides Con te Partiro, one of my favourite too, The White Christmas. Lets watch & feel the greatness of his voice here. Besides old songs, old classical musics, i also like things that in romantic vintage style. That's really old weird me.

4. Piranha 3DD
I watch this movie at Pavilion last Saturday. Ohh i dont know how to describe this movie, this movie was even worse than the first episode. The piranhas were so fake, so do the BIG boobs of those ladies that wore bikinis. I think many people came to experience the so called 3DD double effect, for the BIG boobs i guess? Hmm.

        I strongly feel that tonight will having a stupid fire drill that kacau people when everybody is busy studying on this particular so called "study week". That fire drill will definitely make everybody "study weak", so all KTSNites, watch out & be ready to lock your door & switch off all the lights & fans when the bell rings tonight!

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  1. OMG!! the last picture is you capture from the KL tower one?!!
    Very Beautiful!!! Why I no see so beautiful up there?!