First time on teeth extraction

          I went to the oral surgical operation clinic today for my appointment on teeth extraction for orthodontic treatment on next month. To be exact, the teeth that were going to extract today were left maxillary & mandibular first premolars, 24 & 34. It was the first time that i went to clinic to have my teeth extracted, two teeth together with two local anesthetics & four injections!

          To be honest, i was very nervous & afraid, especially when i saw the huge syringes inserted into my mouth. After having four injections of the anesthetics, my left side of the mouth, nose & face were totally paralyzed. Many of my friends told me having injections are the most painful part of teeth extraction, but luckily i feel nothing at all when the syringes were inserted in my sulcus.

          Forgot to mention that the one who performed the teeth extraction of mine is my fifth year senior Noraziza & Camy, her assistant.

          The most difficult part is to extract my teeth, since my teeth are relatively large & huge in size. For my maxillary first premolar, the tooth was extracted with a tiny root fractured accidentally in the socket! I was like OMG! & it have to be taken out later to leave a clear space for ortho treament.

          After extracted my mandibular first premolar for almost 30 minutes (the suffering 30 mins & the most difficult part to perform for both of them i think because the senior accidentally cut my gingiva & it bleed heavily but i have no feeling at all), they called for doctor (a very nice, handsome & young doctor lol) to take out the tiny fractured root inside the socket on the maxilla.

          Another suffering 30 minutes.

          My left side of the mouth was paralyzed, but i can taste on my salty blood with the taste buds on my right side of my tongue. Lolol.

          Actually after the extraction i have an anatomy lecture in the dissection hall, but the seniors insisted me to go back to hostel to take a rest with packs of cotton wool to be bitten in case of bleeding, and some antibiotics & paracetamol pills.

Before the teeth extraction with molar band on the first molar.

A radiograph of my teeth!
Note that the impacted third molars on both left & right side of my lower teeth,
partially erupted third molars on both left & right side of my upper teeth.
Notice the loooong roots of my teeth, that's why extraction was so suffering for me lol.

Another radiograph of mine.
It showed that i have a severe overjet aka horizontal overlap,
no wonder my lecturer called me "bird face" wtf.
(Overjet: Extension of the incisal or buccal cusp ridges of the upper teeth horizontally (labially or buccally)
beyond the ridges of the teeth in the lower jaw when the jaws are closed normally.)

My teeth, with bloody tissue still intact on the roots.

The wound on the left side of the mandible.
Notice the silver thingy on my first molar is the molar band.

A big space on the left side of my maxilla.

There're a big space between my canines & second premolars after extraction.
Notice that are a BIG BIG wound out there >.<

          Hope that my another appointment on next week for extraction on right side of premolars would be an easy & better one! Pray hard :)

7 comments on "First time on teeth extraction"

  1. Oh, that must have been quite the experience for you! Glad you were able to conquer your nervousness during the extraction. I’ve seen your second post about your teeth extraction. At least now, the teeth are gone, and you’re ready for the bonding session. I do hope the next session was also successful like the two sessions you had.

    1. Thanks for your comment Calandra Janocha! The extractions of my four premolars were a great experience indeed. Actually i have on braces for almost 8 months from March this year, my perfect and straight teeth are to be revealed soon haha! All the best to you :)

  2. Hi, Sharon. It's great that you have decided to get rid of your damaged teeth, however painful it might be. With almost a year after your extractions, I assume that you've gotten over your problematic teeth and you’re enjoying a beautiful set of teeth. Congrats!

    Thanh Arnett

    1. Hi Thanh Arnett! Thanks for your comment. I'm still wearing the braces, next month will be the "1st anniversary" between me & my braces haha :D My teeth are now more straighten and on their processes to getting back to the positions to overcome my overjet problem. Can't wait for my beautiful set of teeth!

      Sharon Yiying.

  3. Hi sharon! may i know how much you spent on this whole treatment? I am interested to go for it! =)

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Hi thanks for leaving a comment here. The whole processes from the teeth extraction to bonding of the braces are done in my university - Faculty of Dentistry in UKM by my doctor. The whole processes just costed me around RM 500++ because myself is a dental student there :) And the teeth extraction are done by my seniors so they are free of charge :)

      If you're interested you can always pay a visit to my faculty for check-up anytime! But if you're not a student from UKM, you might expect a long queue for the orthodontics treatment though :) The cost by then is cheaper than the private clinic outside, I think is around 3k if I'm not mistaken.

      Hope this helps!

      Sharon Yiying.

  4. HI Sharon,

    We have almost same case. I needed to extract 4 teeth so i can have space. This saturday will be my Bonding session. Wish me luck. Hahahaha!

    Also, saw ur Xray. Will you extract also your impacted wisdom teeth? Its just like mine too.