Life is good!

          Time flies. Today is the second day of the second semester. Yet i already went for three meetings for the Densport, Fiqh Kesihatan & K-shop programmes that will be held on March. And another good news is we're going to have an oral mucosa minitest next week, just after the day i have my teeth extraction. Another busier & tougher sem is awaiting me. Hopefully everything will be just fine & goes well as planned.

          I promised to myself i have to work hard for this sem, really. Life as a dental student is not easy. Lectures, assignments, presentations, minitests, activity to get enough merits & credit hours & the killing exams. March will be the busier month for me, not to mention the studies & exams. I have three appointments for teeth extraction & bonding, the Densport - Sport competition among the dental students all around the country at Kuantan, the Fiqh Kesihatan programme where i'm the exco marketing & the PAP - Pesta Angpau where i'm one of the ajk of exco protocol, all in March! Hopefully i can still survive then.

          I must believe in myself that i can do better this time & improve myself in all the aspects this sem. You have to trust me, in university, specially in those critical courses, your result is everything.

Applying the law of attraction with gratitude,
i'm the happiest person
i love to study & learn new things
i'm blessed with good health
i have good memory on studies
i have great interesting & understanding on all the subjects.

I'm attracting the good things around me.

Today my life begins!

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