My Macro-Photography - Along The Street

Ahh ha! Crazily into photography lately.

Again, these pictures were shoot with the macro-lens,
with the Canon EOS 1100D, borrowed from my lovely course-mate Farid!
View my previous pictures HERE! if you haven't!

All these pictures were taken along the street of my hostel, KTSN.

Do you ever notice that how beautiful they are?
How wonderful they are?
How amazing they are?

Sometimes we just need to slow down our paces,
discover the beauty around us with one thing,
our HEART.

Lost in the nature and found peace.

That's the reason why God creates such a magnificent and mesmerizing planet
with those amazing living creatures and greenish nature around us.

P/S: Upload pictures in blogger messed up the chronology of the pictures again -.-

Hope you guys enjoy and found inner peace within your heart!
Have a very great morning world!

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