Cycling Around Penang Heritage Sites

Last Thursday 23rd of August, me and my secondary friends total of 13 people went to the Penang heritage sites to visit the awesome wall murals by the artist Ernest Zacharevic.

I saw many of my friends went there before and came back with those amazing photos and having real fun at there and i really wanted to go there (i'm Penangite!) with bunch of friends so came up the idea of visit the heritage sites with my old friends and then go to visit my secondary school Chinese teacher who was retired, Mr Chan KO.

When we arrived at the first destination at the Armenian street where the famous art piece with the two children riding on the real bicycle located, we were like "OMG!" because this amazing wall mural was splashed with the yellow stain by the uneducated vandals wtf! Ohh vandalism is so sad :'(

The actual wall mural

Me & the spoiled wall mural

With all the girls

Yuan ker was happily posing with his water bottle
putting in the basket of the bicycle
but didn't realised that...

his pants were stained while sitting on the bicycle! 
LOL laugh die us :D

Next, we headed to Ah Quee Street 阿贵街

This famous wall mural with a bike is located here! 
A dinosaur is actually drawn by the vandal chasing the bike
Later a child is drawn by Ernest to trussed up the dinosaur!
How creative he was!

Girls powers!
To help the child tied up the cute dinosaur LOL!

Guys posing for picturesss

Me & the bike's kids
See he's peeking me lolol

This Grammy's best "supporting" actor was acting that
he was bitten by this best main actor aka the cute dinosaur!
LOL looked like he was very suffering!

Me & Shiau xian

Me & Chia chia

Me & Mei xue

Another wall mural nearby
"Our art is dying 我们的艺术文化正在消亡"

Me & Li fuan
Somehow my hands looked a bit cacat here

Jonathan with his antique car lolol!

Actually we didn't plan to cycling around those places (we walked!) but after we found out a shop that rent bicycle with rental only 10 MYR for the whole day per bicycle, we were like "why not we cycling instead of walking to have real fun?" and the weather was so fine so we decided to rent a total of 12 bicycles (except that Mei xue didn't know how to cycle so she had to tumpang haha) and start our journey to the next destination!

Luckily i learnt how to cycle after decided to take the motorcycle license when i was in Form 4, but still failed to get a license wtf! But at least i can cycle with a bicycle! *proud face* Thanks to Khai hung who teaches me how to cycle, maybe next time you should teach Mei xue haha :)

Thank God there were some of them went to there a couple of times before so they knew the exact places where to go but still need the help of GPS while we were cycling lol!

Believe me, cycling is way more fun than walking alone because it's quite a distance from one wall mural to another and it's gonna make you wipe away your sweat every five minutes under the hot sun!

Get ready to start our journey!

Me & Sue theng with our "Mini Cooper" haha

Me :)

Jonathan & Yuan ker

Li fuan & tiny Chia chia at the back

Shiau xian with her cute pink bicycle
Yee ching with her red hot "Ferrari"
and Vincent the photographer at the back

Doctor-to-be Sue theng & lawyer-to-be Chun yik

Li fuan & Sue theng


Me with another wall mural at the Cannon Street

Next destination, Love Lane 爱情巷!

Once upon a time, there are a lovely couple
Khai hung & Mei xue
They lived happily ever after at the Love Lane

Suddenly came a mistress, Yee ching lolol

The street is named after "Love Lane" is explained on this "steel art"
just opposite to the Happily-ever-after telephone booth
"The local Chinese say the rich men who lived on Muntri Street
kept their mistresses here, hence the name 'Ai Cheng Hang' or Love Lane"
LOL Yee ching it was because of you this mistress haha!

The "best friend"

Li fuan & Aah jun

The lonely ah pek

Spotted the car of Penang Chief Minster, PG 1!

With the "steel art" on another street

Jump high!

A giant wall mural at the Muntri street!
How amazing!

Love this!
Got feel or not?

Wow only the "Mini Coopers" can 起车头 haha

3, 2, 1 Jump!!!

Another great giant art painting at the Penang Road

See how tiny of us compared to the painting!


This is the shop Chin Seng Leong 振成隆 where we rent our bicycles
It only costs us 10 MYR per bicycle for the whole day!
Well since many of you asked me about the shop, here is the details:
Address: No.55, Armenian Street, 10200 Penang.
Contact: 012-553 3553 / 016-477 1759 / 04-2610 106 (Mr Tan Teik Leong)
The uncles at there are all very nice people, if you're planning to go on weekends,
call for booking before all the bicycles are rent out!

After the tiring heritage visit (but it's fun!), we went to visit our Chinese teacher,
Mr Chan in apple green shirt haha! 

Another group photo

If you plan to visit Penang heritage wall murals, the map below may be help you (a lot!). Prepare water to bring to there because it's quite a distance from one wall mural to another, and dont forget your sunblock, umbrella and shades too! Actually there is another painting at the Chew Jetty where you can enjoy the sea view and maybe sunset there but we didn't go to there. The local chinese film "Ice Kacang Puppy Love 初恋红豆冰" starring Ah Niu, Lee Sinje, Fish Leong, Gary Chaw and many others was filmed at there!

Happy visit Penang!
I'm proud to be a Penangite!

P/S: Some photos are credited to Vincent Song because my phone was low bat on the half way (at Muntri Street where i took the last photo lol) :D

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    1. Thank you Itsallforkids! Hope you enjoy your reading!

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  2. this is such a good insight! am currently planning a trip up there in a few weeks! thanks for the info :D

    1. Dear Charmaine W,

      Thanks for the compliment! Hope you have fun and enjoy your trip at Penang :)


  3. Where did u rent ur bicycle?? So interesting! I thought it would cost moreeee than 10 myr wow

    1. Hi Pika Hakimi,

      We rent the bicycles from the shop Chin Seng Leong 振成隆 ya. Hope this helps!


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