New Beginning

        Finally i had settled everything down in my new room in hostel, really thank God and thank to the nice officers that allowed me to change my room (although it's at the highest floor, the fourth floor, which i nearly break my hands carried my two huge luggages), because the actual room has no socket for me and is just beside the walking corridor of males' hostel, which will never be quiet even at late night.

        I never think that time could pass so fast after working one week at the clinic (just one week before the school reopens), where i learnt a lot of things from Dr Tim, a very nice person to talk with and treat every patients with his great effort. 

        Just one day before leaving from Penang to KL, i was still busy packing Aerius, Prednisolone, Cataflam, Cough-en and so on and busy explaining the dosage to the patients.

        At first i worked at the clinic just to earn some pocket money for myself, but it turned out as an great working experience and learning opportunity for me to understand better the working field of a doctor.

A new semester, a new beginning, a new self.

        I hope i can do better and strive for my best in this new term, be stronger, braver and smarter.

        And be prettier and slimmer! Hahaha :D

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