Say Hi To Second Year!

So, first of all, HI!!! Given the title of this blog post is "Say Hi To Second Year!" lolol!

Just a blink of an eye, i'm now the second year dental student, the senior of the first year juniors (hahaha!), but still is a junior to the many seniors out there!

The difference between the first year and the second year is, we started to enter the simulation clinic for operative dentistry, where there are lots of rubbermen units aka the manikins for us to learn and perform our hand-skills, such as restorations, cavity preparation, tooth isolation, rubber dam placement and etc.

With our formal attire and the lab coat, here we are in the simulation clinic!
P/S: Ignore the ways we handled the hand-pieces, it was just our first time entered the simulation clinic, after all we were just posting for fun haha :)

The tender-gentle-and-soft-looking me


Jingsean was so happy posting with the rubberman


For the next session we entered the simulation clinic, we were introduced to the various dental instruments, one by one, the names and the functions of the instruments. 

Each student was given a toolbox, where inside the toolbox contains those instruments.

We were told to arranged the instruments on the table correctly, and then in order to get the signature of the supervisor before you leave the clinic, we need to memorize their names and their functions.

You'll know why many people scared to see the dentist
with this overview of the instruments.

A closer look

The conservative set
From left: handle mouth mirror, tweezer,
probe no.9, probe 14W and amalgam carrier

The rubber dam set
From left: puncher, forcep clamp,
frame, five different sizes of clamps

The endodontic set
From left: handle mouth mirror, tweezer clip, probe DG16,
excavator 32L, condenser (heat carrier, the red one),
condenser (Mortonson No.2), ruler metal, scissors,
X-ray clip and the Gutta-percha tray.

Gutta-percha is used to fill the empty space inside the root
of a tooth after it has undergone endodontic therapy.

Spot the model frasaco (the teeth model set),
where we fix it in the manikin in the simulation session.

There are sessions where we need to collect the natural teeth from the clinic, replace the tooth of the model frasaco with it and perform the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of defects of teeth.

Hope this operative dentistry course will be an interesting course for me to learn the basic clinical skills, as well as develop great enthusiasm towards this field besides just reading and memorizing!

Say hi to my new boyfriend and happy learning!

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