Happy Holiday

       So after i had finished the resit papers, my holiday officially started, and it only left ONE MONTH++! It's so called THE PUNISHMENT, for being always doing revision at the very last minutes plus LOW self-controlness. Anyway, the dreadful exam was ended and it's time to ENJOY!!! Due to my short holiday, i have no choice and have to called off my planning to take the car test. FYI, i haven't have my car license yet, not even renew the expired-long-time-ago motor license (i have given it up lolol). I'm totally a "machine idiot", i'm very bad at operate any kind of machines, from the bumper car and the go kart we played at genting (maybe it's because the machines itself got problems), to the real motorbike and car. And it's very annoying every time my secondary school mates asked whether i get my car license, since they had passed their motorbike and car license N years ago, some even took off the "P" sticker on the windscreen wtf.

        Since my holiday is extremely short, i came up a plan to teach my sister and her friends in my home for some pocket money, only if my sister able to jio some of her friends to put their destinies in my hand lolol. It's called the 2012 SPM INTENSIVE CLASS, in chinese it's called 2012年密集研讨班, i really think that i'm genuinely genius to think of such a chio name, even though i'm "machine idiot" hahaha! I even came up a brochure with the timetable inside, the subjects that i'm going to teach are Bahasa Malaysia, English, Additional Mathematics and Mathematics. 25 bucks per subject for four sessions (two hours per session), isn't it cheap? Advertisement time here (also syiok-sendiri haha), if you have brothers/sisters who is currently studying for SPM and wanted to achieve EXCELLENT RESULTS in their final exams, welcome to attend the intensive class conducted by the beloved Miss Lok, of couse not to forget i'll give you an extra discount haha!

Miss Lok is teaching, "A for Apple" with a real big red apple hahaha

        I always love to teach the students, even love to mark their exercise books (only if i understand what they wrote!). I had lost my chance to teach in my secondary school due to my resit papers, and i'm very regret every time i'm thinking about it. I believe that learning is a life-long process, and a good tutor can change the destiny of a student. I always imagine that when i teach my kids, i can share my stories and interests to them, i used to love the stories my primary teacher told me and i remembered them until now! I can teach them THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, the interesting facts behind the doomsday, the greatness of the classical musics and so on. My ambition when i was a kid was TEACHER, the reasons are simple, because i like to talk/share my ideas and mark their books lol!

Teachers make all professions possible!

        While "building" the idea of home tuition, i'm immersing in SOPHIE KINSELLA's fantasy world which fulled of great charm and wit, her novels are simply superb and hilarious! The first book i read by her is "Remember Me?" when i was at matriculation college, and it's the very first time i finished reading an English novel in just two-three days! Then i bought "Can You Keep A Secret?" while waiting for my resit paper results, which costed me 36 bucks wtf , that's why i only bought one. And to my surprise i found out that our library have seriesesss of Sophie Kinsella's books on the very next day, which is the last day in my campus before going back to my hometown, so i borrowed three of them without hesitation! *So happy!*

Gonna finish them all in this holiday!


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  1. is there any program for school holiday in August 2013. Thank you.