Happenings In First Year Of University Life

I always wanted to blogged about my first year university life just in case i will forget it someday but always have no time to write about it. Not until yesterday after i attended the gathering with secondary school friends, i only realized that time has been passed so fast until i cant recognized some of them! As time passes by, some people will changed but not the memories! So, i want to highlight some memorable happenings that happened in my first year in UKM or National University of Malaysia (which sounds better haha), just in case someday my children or grandchildren are asking me i'll show them this hahaha.

Some HIGHLIGHTS of the year:-

1. The Orientation Week
OK, everyone will go through it when you're still the freshman in the university. A week that fulled of ice-breaking where you have to memorize the names of your group members (just imagine when you have to memorize the long long malay names and recognize their faces at the same time, sometimes i'll just faked a smile when i forgot the names lolol) and activities until you have no time for shower and sleep! With your homesickness and tiredness, your only wish in this week is where the time can pass faster and faster! But trust me, this week is the best time where you can meet the new people and make new friends, and then after the week there are always many couples popped-out wtf!

2. Genting with The Trio
It was a memorable trip to Genting Highlands with Jiayi and Jiaying (no they're not twins haha) and it was fulled of laughter and fun! Couldn't forgot Jiayi's funny expressions throughout the whole theme park (especially when riding the happy dragon aka 开心乐龙龙, the coaster with a dragon head especially for children lolol) and she swear that she will never step into the theme park again because it was too scary for her hahaha! Wish we can travel spontaneously again in second year!

3. Pesta Ang Pow
Pesta Ang Pow or in chinese known as 新春晚会 is a tradition in our campus where it will be held every year with aims to promote the chinese cultures and foster better ties among the chinese community in UKM. Almost every first year students were involved in this Mega project and i was in the Board of Protocol and was responsible to usher the honour guest of the night on the stage, Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong! *proud face* We practiced the correct way to usher the guests into the hall and to the stage and also the correct and polite way of communication with them almost every night, with the high heels! After all our hard works had paid off because it was a very successful night!

4. Program Mesra Ilmu
This was the program i joined to fulfill the credit hours (stupid thing which we have to fulfill the eight credit hours in order to graduate). At first i was not very interested in it (although many of us wrote our names in the comment, most were because of the credit hours), but it turned up a very meaningful and heart-warming trip to Taman Cendana, Johor where we stayed in our Malay keluarga angkat's house and taught theirs children their homeworks and played with them.

5. Night of Appreciation (College Dinner)
This was another program i joined to fulfill the credit hours (this stupid thing again!). It was also an annual event that involved all the students staying in the college, which held at the TM Convention Center and the theme this year was Vintage Blue, so everything on that night were in blue colour! Me and another three friends were holding the position of Exco of Marketing, and this was the toughest position i ever had in my life! We have to raise fund to almost 3k++ to cover up the big budget by requesting for sponsorship and money-collecting door-by-door, and at the end we managed to raise our funds to almost 10k! With tears and sweats, finally we made it a big success and some more the principal praised us on the stage leh! *proud face again*

6. Escape to Japan (Dental Dinner)
It was an annual dinner of Faculty of Dentistry which held at the Banquet Deck of KL Tower, i had blogged about this event months ago and i was one of the dancers on that night. In fact, it was just an one-and-a-minute-plus simple dance which nobody volunteers to do it and i was that lucky one selected for this wtf! I was lucky enough on that night too because i won myself a lucky draw! Guess what? It was a rubbish bin lolol! Btw it was the cutest-pink-coloured-rubbish-bin-on-earth hahahaha!

7. My Journey For Braces
Hah this was the BIGGEST change i had in my first year university life, i had my teeth fixed on March by Dr Asma! It was a journey filled with blood, sweat and tears (i once cried when i had one of my teeth extracted lol), but it was a worthy experience in a lifetime for a everyone-envy-straight-perfect-teeth! Plus my orthodontic treatment only costed me 500 MYR (outside maybe it'll cost me 3000 MYR++ for my case in Penang), because it was done in my university by my lecturer (also an orthodontist)! For more details on my journey for braces, click here.

P/S: I wanted to upload loads of pictures for this post but there was something going wrong so this post is picture-less. Will upload the pictures once "they" allow me to do so haha! Bye bye first year and say hello to second year soon!

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