Wei Tian's 21st birthday celebration @ The Garden Cafe, Midvalley

        Time really flies. I still remember how we celebrated Wei Tian aka Sweetie's 20th birthday at Full House last year. With just a blink of an eye, we have stepped into the world of 21, I just can't believe it!

        This year, we celebrated her sweet 21st birthday at The Garden Cafe @ Midvalley, a cafe with a nice, peaceful and lovely ambience, with a white piano deco located in a giant cage at the center of the cafe.

        Warning: this post will be loaded with tons of vain pictures, so get yourself ready ^.^

The lovely couple, Justin and Jing sean

The sweet couple, Ivy and Jeffrey

The happy 'couple', Me and Jia yi

The 'Loco' couple, Bih and Lavonne :P

The birthday girl with her cute boyfriend Fafa ^.^

Make a wish

Blow out the candles, say hi to 21!

Happily posting with her present, a Puma bag!

With my pretty coursemates :D

The sampat one, Jia ying

The Loco no.1, Bih

The Loco no.2, Lavonne

The round one, Jia yi

The pretty one, me lah hehe :)

The sweet couple

Series of vain pictures more to come!
The pictures below were taken and edited by me, nice or not?
 Happy birthday to you Wei tian!

This is the white piano deco in the giant cage.
Looks romantic huh?

A big love to the lovely deco in the cafe

        Lastly, happy birthday to you Wei tian! Wish you stay happy, pretty and healthy as always! A short post for tonight. Good night world :D

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