Walk Around, Play Around

        Went to walk around Taman Tasik Titiwangsa after having our early dinner with Lavonne and Bih. The weather was just so fine. It was just a perfect timing for us the 'Loco people' to walk around play around and sampat around haha.

        We even played in the playground with the children! Didn't discover that there were so many facilities that set up for the children in that playground, and we feel so awkward when we found ourselves enjoyed playing at there lol.

Fine weather with beautiful sky.

Bih and Lavonne were playing with the swing.
The sky looked awesome!
Like galaxy or at the space? O.o



My favourite shot!

Really amazed by the beauty of the slowly disappearance of the Sun
below the western half of the horizon <3

 Meet the butterfly queensss hahaha!
Had so much fun at the children playground :P

Wish you have a great day too!
Happy Friday and enjoy your weekends yeah :P

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