My 21st Birthday Celebration @ Bulgogi Brothers, Pavilion

        Today is the last day before i enter to the club of finally-21-and-legally-to-do-anything!

        So yeap, my birthday falls on 1st of April, the April's Fool day, where people easily remember and happily play tricks on me to celebrate my BIG day :)

        This year my friends celebrated my advanced birthday at Bulgogi Brothers @ Pavilion, a Korean BBQ restaurant. It located at the 6th floor of Pavilion, just opposite to the TGIF restaurant.

        FYI, Bulgogi Brothers restaurant is originating from the Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea and Bulgogi Brothers is now open at Paradigm Mall, Pavilion KL, e@Curve and Mid Valley Megamall.

        From their Facebook fan page,
'' Bulgogi Brothers opened its first restaurant in Gang-Nam, Seoul, Korea in October 2006. Since then, it has provided gourmands with high quality meat dishes and an impressive roster of beverages — all priced reasonably. To date, Bulgogi Brothers has more than 40 branches spread across South Korea including 3 in Philippines and 1 in Canada.

As can be gleaned from its name, the Bulgogi Brothers specializes in Korean cuisine and bulgogi -- marinated barbecued meat, the most representative form of gogigui or Korean barbecue. The word itself literally means "fire meat" in Korean, derived from the Pyongan dialect.

In addition to assorted bulgogi, Bulgogi Brothers also serves rice dishes, seafood, stew and noodles, including an extensive beverage list such as fruit ades, Korean liquor (including soju), wine, beer, and fresh fruit juices, among others.

The dining experience is enhanced by a Western-style, cozy ambience with K-Pop playing in the background and the brand’s service, which is efficient, friendly and ebullient. ''

        I love Korean cuisine and this is a good restaurant that served Korean cuisine that i highly recommended for their delicious dishes and good services. Their signature marinated barbecued meats are so juicy and succulent, they tasted even yummy by wrapping in the fresh vegetable and served with their special sauces.

        Not forgetting about their Bimbibap, the Korean "mixed rice" that comes with meat or chicken of your choice, variety of vegetables and a raw egg to be mixed together in a hot bowl. Their bimbibap is the best so far i have tasted, better than Dubu-Dubu and Bee Won (in my own opinion lah based on what i tasted on that day), stirred together thoroughly with the special gochujang or the chilli pepper paste before served. The portion is very big and many of my friends shared it with two people.

        The service was extremely good that straight after we ordered our foods, they served us with their complementary welcoming nibbles, six refillable side dishes for each table, a complementary pumpkin soup for everyone and also tea of the day, oksusu cha or the corn tea.

 The complementary welcoming nibbles

The six refillable side dishes

The pumpkin soup

 A plate of variety of sauces and chilli pepper and the punpkin soup for everyone

Kkotdeungsim Modum
It was a combination of Bulgogi's best!
FYI, the picture above showing is the portion for two written in the menu,
but this portion is too large for two people!

RM 80.90 for 300gm for 2 people (or more!)

 The BBQ meats were cooked by the friendly staff for us.
Baskets of fresh vegetables were provided for us to wrap
the BBQ meats and served with their special sauces.

 Bulgogi bimbibap
Great combination of beef and vegetable,
served on top of rice and special spicy sauce in a hot large bowl.
Noted the raw egg to be mixed together in the bowl :)

RM 29.90 for bulgogi bimbibap (beef);
RM 28.90 for haemul bimbibap (seafood);
RM 26.90 for chicken bimbibap.

Kimchi jjigae
Korean best stew made from spicy kimchi paste, tofu, rice cakes
and sliced beef brisket.

RM 22.90 comes with rice.

Me and my chocolate birthday cake!

With the Ah ma, Chyong bih

Cute Wei tian

Recently-busy-finding-her-true-love No.1, Shu yu

Pretty Ah mo, Sze yin

Recently-busy-finding-her-true-love No.2, Jia yi

 Recently fafu-ing, Jia ying

With Lavonne, pronounced as lah-von-nehh

With smart Gary, Ah heng, Yen nee and Siu Ming

Recently-taking-care-of-his-handsome-to-be-appearance, Ah heng

Wei tian

Sweet couple, Ivy and Jeffrey

Behind the tea scene lol

See how large of the bimbibap!
It even larger that Jia yi's cute round face lolol ^.^

Cant stop laughing when seeing Jia yi's great expression haha!

 Girls just cant stop selca-ing, dont they?

Just noticed that we were so flower-ish in this picture hehe

 The happy three friends!

        Lastly, a thousand THANK YOU to my beloved friends for planning and arranging this celebration, for throwing me a "surprise" that wasn't surprise anymore haha and for coming and celebrating and spending this good day with me!

        Not forgetting to THANKS my dear mum and dad, for bringing me to this wonderful world which fulled of beauty, charms and adventures. I LOVE YOU, always and forever <3

        Before i end this post, let me share with you guys a very meaningful quotes and a group photo with my beloved dear friends. Will definitely come to visit Bulgogi Brothers again ^.^ Click here to find out more about this nice Korean BBQ restaurant!

“The year you were born marks only your entry into the world.
Other years where you prove your worth, they are the ones worth celebrating. 
Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible

 21 and legal.
Proceed with BIGGER dreams and LARGER faith.

Till then, goodbye!

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