After 70 days of putting on braces

        (If you haven't read my last posts on my teeth extraction & bonding experiences, click HERE for the first time on teeth extraction, HERE for the second time of teeth extraction & HERE for the bonding session! Happy reading!)

        So today i'm going to blog about my teeth, my braces plus the new members - baby blue rubber bands that hook around the bracket since i had my orthodontic appointment today.

        It's exactly 70 days since the day i put on my braces, which is on 13 of March, after the two sessions on teeth extraction and the bonding session, and the changes on the alignment of my teeth are very apparent after reviewing back the before-and-after pictures!

        My appointment today basically was changing the archwire & putting on the rubber band around each & every bracket for a more tight & firm straightening procedure.

        As the teeth are stretched & tighten more, you can actually feel the pressure & slight pain like the teeth are gonna break when you're chewing or even brushing.

        But trust me, after a few days it will back to normal again because every time after the appointment your pain threshold level will definitely increase to a higher level. So i had another level up today!

         After all, for a perfect set of teeth, you need to sacrifice for years, i'm gonna called it the duckling years, but it's worth for a everyone-envy-straight-teeth!

It's magical isn't it?
My lower right lateral incisor is moving to the place it should be placed haha!
Spot the baby blue rubber band :)

 Oh i'm like a hippo opening a big big mouth!
The left maxillary central incisor is aligns side-by-side with the adjacent teeth.
Note that i have shovel shaped incisors,
which is one of the traits of native American or Asian ancestry.

Btw the big holes (where the premolars have been extracted) are yet to be closed.

        If you're planning to put on braces, don't hesitate, go for it & it's really like a life changing process that you'll never regret going for it. Awaiting the day when i can really take off the braces!


         P/S: Have a look on my latest post on before and after 15 months of putting on braces! There are a lot of before and after pictures in that post! Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog posts :)

7 comments on "After 70 days of putting on braces"

  1. I'm interested in doing one...
    You did in UKM clinic?

  2. Yes but if u're not dental student i think have to wait for some time. But still it's cheaper compared to private clinic if u're UKM student.

  3. Yeah I never regret having it in my mouth for 3 years despite it's quite painful in the beginning :')
    make ppl more confident ^^

  4. I am from bangi campus student. Any phone number can I call for info? In hospital ukm or other place? Thx so much..

  5. It's not in the hospital ukm, it's in the ukm KL campus. Firstly, you must come for register & open your folder. Then you'll be called for general checking on your teeth, if you need orthodontic treatment they will arrange for you but have to wait for some time. I think for ukm student you need to wait for about months, and the cost is cheaper too! Btw, it depends on your condition whether you need orthodontic treatment or not, 'coz some doctor wont accept if it's a minor case. Anyway, give it a try!

  6. Hi there. May I know the prices for a student, but not from UKM? Thanks.