A happy day

Sunny day with great weather
no lectures no worries
took some nice photos for my friends & myself
with my not-so-good phone's camera
at the Titiwangsa lake garden
enjoy the natural environment that surrounding me
take a deep breath
feel the euphoria
show your charming smile
hope you guys will enjoy

me aka main character with the balloons :P

here come the mr. mashi 


mashi was dreaming of his princess charming 

artistic people always read on the grass

waiting for my miss right 

 picnic items prepared for mashi's miss right

excited while waiting his princess charming

i'm the largest LED haha :D

i'm waiting for you

waiting for you

waiting for you

still waiting for you

i'm mashi's miss right
weitian aka sweetie 

so i'm the LED

i'm still the LED

see they writing love letters on the balloons

so sweet

miss right's picnicking with her mashi

so a LED is passing by...

 goodbye my miss right aka sweetie

i'm cute right? 

mashi's cute, then i'm sweet

see, this's the prove 

ok so mashi's the cutest,
sweetie's the sweetest,
 then i'm the prettiest LED haha :D

Have a nice day!

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