Since i entered into the university, i have no time for my interests & some things i wish to learn or explore.

        Dreaming of playing violin in front of the stage, this's my dream since i was small. Listening to those heart-beating songs played by violin & the orchestra always burn my desire to take up the violin course. A simple beautiful music can make my day.

        Wanting to take up some art lessons too, i was always have the burning spirits in calligraphy, painting & drawing back to primary & secondary school. I can hardly touch those writing & painting brushes after i entered into university. Sad case.

        Wish to learn some photography skills & capture all the pieces of memory that built up my life too. Believe me, those pictures are the best footprint to review our life's ups & downs.

        Life in the university is not only study, study & study, i wish i can find an extra time in the packed schedule for me to do things that i like or to develop an extra skill.

        That's my wishes to learn & explore more before enter into the university, but sadly i can hardly find any in here except for study, again.

1 comment on "Dreams"

  1. If you can't find time now, like everyone else, then promise yourself that you will make good use of your hols later on!
    This is what they call 人在江湖,身不由己.
    In a packed schedule like this, we have no time to do other things coz at the same time we can't neglect our studies..

    Jia you! It will be over! :)
    Keep on dreaming. :)