Let's get back the positive energy

Dear the lovely Universe,

I will pass all the four subjects in my professional exam.

        The professional exam was ended and i'm writing a letter to the Universe. Applying the Law of Attraction, i hope the Universe does receive my little request with my positive wavelength and my gratitude towards everything that surrounding me and happens in my life. Yes, i did encountered some miracles or unbelievable things happened in my life recently & i felt that it just happened to be so coincidentally. I shared some knowledge i know about The Law of Attraction to some people too, and are happy to share with them and i do hope that this awesome & incredible law that make some changes, in fact is BIG changes in their life!

        I brought the book "The Secret" by Rhoda Byrne back to years ago when i was in the secondary school and "The Power" before i entered into university and felt so happy that i was attracted to this awesome book and know the greatest secret in the book. I'm so lucky that among all the peers, i was the earliest one "exposed" or introduced to this law but back to that time i didn't applied it well in my life until recently i found out it did happened when i was totally in the positive mood. Basically the Law of Attraction is about the three main things, firstly, send your requests or whatever you want to the Universe; second, visualize your dream and feel like and believe that you're actually having them; lastly, appreciate and feel gratitude to the things that surround and happened to you and always in the positive mindset. Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about, so dream big, feel it and believe it!

        I downloaded the videos of The Secret in my mobile phone and watched them whenever i need some positive energy and before i go to bed. I feel so motivated and grateful after watching those videos and believe that our destiny are written by our own, we're the author or the director or the architect of our own life. If you need some positive energy or motivation, the video here are for sure the greatest source of your happiness. Enjoy!

p/s: Hope she'll meet her prince charming soon and hope he will pass his professional exam :)

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