First day of May

Yay finally i got the chance to watch The Avengers!
it was a very spontaneous & last minute decision
since that day i missed the showtime
me, jiayi & sweetie decided to go for a two-and-a-half break
we traveled to KL Festival City by taxi & luckily the traffic was smooth
perhaps i need to thank for the rain God
because the Tasik Titiwangsa that usually filled with crowded seemed very tranquil yesterday

The MBO box office was filled with people from all walks of life
the one day Labour day holiday was indeed a great day for relaxing & shopping
i were only able to buy the tickets from the front seats
the only great thing to sit in the very front row was
the subtitles were HUGE until they occupied half of the screen!

The movie was good (for me, not until great) & hilarious
i love the Captain America & Thor the most
previously i had watched the Iron man & The Thor
i still love The Thor the most for its thumbs up & toes up story line
plus the adrenaline rush effect after watching it

Tickets successfully in hand!

One of the funniest scene!

Another laugh-die-me scene staring The Hulk & Loki~

I also bought a cute mini pot in Kaison
which will be grown into a pot of grass after you watered it
i named it as "苗苗"
keep watering it before i go to class & after back from class
hopefully with my tender care
苗苗 can grow faster :)

Cute 苗苗 is smiling at you!

She's currently botak
So i keep watering at her "head"~

After the relaxing & delightful one-day-break
gonna come back to the reality study, study & study again
next week will have the salivary gland minitest
46 days left to professional examination
Kahyau everybody!

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