Braces on!

        Finally i'm wearing the braces after the two DREADFUL sessions on teeth extraction! (Read my posts on first time on teeth extraction HERE & the second time teeth extraction HERE!)

        The braces that i'm wearing is the self-ligating type, which is the latest breakthrough on orthodontics. The self-ligating braces are in combination with high technology wires, smaller in size & apply to the teeth with much more gentle force, which results in shorter treatment time & far fewer adjustments.

        I'm feel so lucky that i can actually wear this braces performed by our orthodontist, Dr Asma in our faculty. Dr Asma put the brackets on my teeth one by one gently & all the procedures are finished in about 45 minutes.

        While Dr Asma putting the brackets i'm actually viewing the whole procedures with a mirror in my hand. I can say that bonding is much more "relax" than teeth extraction, with only slight pressure putting on your teeth.

        But i starting to worry because my friends who are still wearing the braces or wore the braces before told me that after a few hours or maybe at night you'll be in great pain until you wake up from your dream! Hope my pain receptors are not as profuse or sensitive as theirs.

        Another thing is start from that moment i can only "drink" porridge & some cereal drinks or hot milo. Eating on solid food make my teeth feel very uncomfortable & uneasy. So actually yesterday night before i went for bonding i ate a lot, seems like it was my last dinner. Haha!

Some introduction to parts of the braces

This's the traditional braces with colourful elastic ligature to choose from

The invisalign braces for minor case patient

This's the self-ligating bracket for the self-ligating braces
which no need the elastic ligature

The self-ligating braces which are smaller in size & less noticeable

Smile with braces actually is not that bad right?

3 comments on "Braces on!"

  1. Omg! The extraction part is very disgusting wey!! but glad that you place the bracelet on like finally ~

    1. Ya haha :) Have to went through it for a perfect set of teeth!

  2. Having your teeth extracted is one of the worst thing I ever experienced but I think I will be ready for my braces from Dental World because of your post.