It's 2013 now! *unbelievable* Happy belated new year to my readers!

New year was just another normal day for me,
except that i can wake up a bit later, then study again lol.

So basically i ended 2012 with stack of notes and
started 2013 with the same stack of note wtf!

So what am i going to do now?
I'm going to take a late bath and go to bed earlier today zzzZZZ
(new year resolution of the day lolol)

P/S: Write this post out of boredom due to EXTRA long time spent facing the same notes
and almost getting my butt sticks to the chair,
as you can see i'm suffering from serious brain cells death (rods and cones cells as well) and
in extreme low level of inspiration to write something good for my first post in 2013.

Thanks for your time spent for reading this useless post,
i know every minute and every second counts during study week,
(it means a lot like at the battlefield especially on a last-minute-revision,
once you blink your eyes for 0.005 millisecond and unaware of your enemy behind you
and the next millisecond you probably are dead. RIP lolol)
but hope it can relax your brain cells (rods and cones as well haha) and
destress a while, a short five minutes rest is good for you!

Though i'm not in study week for now and
don't even have study week for my final three weeks later
(it's really like Oh sh*t!, so you better make good use of it if you have one!),
but still good luck for those who gonna sit for their finals soon!

Last but not least,

Happy 2013 to all of you!

May this new chapter of life brings joy, happiness and love to you!

I'll be back soon haha :D

Good night world!

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