OMG it has been looonnnggg time ago since i last updated my blog. Nothing special happened lately, expect for went back early to my hostel last Saturday, to be well prepared PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY for a WAR --- the RESIT PAPERsss! (P/S: The resit paper is for those who fail in their professional exam, so i should be grateful that i'm given another chance to fight over!) Many seniors were shocked to me at the hostel or campus, PLEASE LAH, i came back to here during the holiday season is just for ONE reason, it's just because i'm the UNLUCKY ONE. So please, dont ask me again "Why are you here?", i would be grateful if you would say "Good luck" or "Believe in yourself", instead, just like my fifth year buddy Xinyi did :) So basically, our routine in this almost DESERT hostel & campus is just WAKE UP-REVISION CLASS-STUDY-SLEEP.

        But the good thing in this desert land is, the wifi access is very very very fast! I can view youtube videos without loading, just a click the video will play from the beginning until the end! But lets hope it will not turn into a bad thing for me for surfing the internet for hours.

        GOD, please let me pass this time, i really really really need to pass this exam, if not, i would have to repeat the whole year! Choi choi choi! Dear GOD, please give me the STRENGTH, the COURAGE, the WISDOM, the LUCK & the POWER to sit for this 6-hour-papers. And also, with your kindness blessings, all the course-mates shall pass the exams! I have many plannings in my to-do list after the exam & before the doomsday (lets see if it really happen), except for wake up, survive & back to sleep, i'm very excited to look for it!

        Also, thanks to the fast access to the internet, i watched the JUST FOR LAUGH videos almost every night to relax a while, and i found this video seriously very very very FUNNY & strongly recommend you to watch it! I love especially the Top 1 & 2 pranks, they had made me laugh crazily like nobody business! The crews of Just For Laugh have the best creativity & the best acting skill to make so much fun of people! Pity them the ''victims'', but thanks to them lah for bringing so much laughter for me!

Jiayou everyone!

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