Mountain Climbing @ Broga Hill

        (Pictures updated)

        Yesterday me & my coursemates went to the Broga Hill (Coordinate 2°56′14″N 101°54′40″E), also know as 'Bukit Lalang' for mountain climbing. We woke up early at 4am to get ready because the bus will arive at 4.30am to fetch us to there. Everybody seemed still in the sleepy mood so we slept in the bus.

        It took us nearly one hour to arrive at there. The sky was still dark so we started our climbing journey with torch lights. What surprised me was there were quite many people at there as early as 5.30am and you can see many small lights moving at the hill from far far away. So no worry you will not lost at there lol.

        The mountain was steep and fulled of many rocks. For tall people like me (hehe :P),  most of the time i need to squat down or crawl when coming down from the mountain like a spiderman haha! But luckily there were ropes for us to support at some part of the mountain where it is very steep and dangerous.

        Upon reaching the top of the mountain, the sky was still dark so we waited at there with our light breakfasts. There were more and more people reaching the top of the mountain and it made me felt like a small city which filled with laughter and chit-chatting everywhere. 

        When the Sun was about to rise, every people was taking out their cameras no matter it was a DSLR, compact camera or phone's camera and busy capturing every picture of the slow appearance of the Sun crossing the horizon like a paparazzi ^.^

        Although the journey to the top was tiring and difficult (muscle cramps on every part of my body after coming back from there lol), it was a very great experience especially when climbing with a bunch of friends where the sky was still dark!

        Lets enjoy some pictures i took when sunrise at Broga Hill!

Waiting for the sunrise

Rising slowly

Shining through darkness

 Favourite shot!
The moment

Lose an hour in the morning,
and you will be all day hunting for it.

 The colour of the nature

The clouds were scattered all over the skies

 Looked like in the country side huh?

        Next, time for some vain pictures with friends! See how enjoyed we are :D

  On top of the mountain, while waiting for the sunrise
The sky was still dark

 About to sunrise

 Yeah we were on top of the world hehe!

Hello world :D

 We were doing some volunteer works on there too!

 Picking up the rubbish that were thrown at there
See how many we had collected!

Ivy, Hui chyi, Justin, me & Lavonne

Me, Sweetie & Lavonne

 Ready to go down

Peace ^.^

 The beauty of friendship

Yeah finally we reached!

 With besties Lavonne & Bih <3

 Last picture before leaving Broga Hill!
Hui chyi, me, Ivy, Bih & Lavonne

        "Someday you will find the one who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life"

 Hope you will enjoy your climbing experience at there too!

2 comments on "Mountain Climbing @ Broga Hill"

  1. i hope can go there.such a beautiful place=)

    1. Dear Miss Nadrah,

      Yeah it was indeed a beautiful place especially when the Sun was going to rise. The view from the top of mountain was truly amazing!