A Memorable Trip To Perak

         It was a hazy day, i started my journey to Sitiawan, Perak alone by ferry to Butterworth and then to the destination by the Sri Maju bus. The bus started when the clock striked at 9am sharp. I not dare to sleep in the bus because there was a Malay sit besides me, and there was so few ladies in the bus, mostly were Malay men and some more the bus driver talked very loudly in the bus, which i found quite distracting and felt very unsafe inside the bus. After the 3 hours journey, i arrived at the Seri Manjung bus station and Jingsean aka Mashi fetched me there.

        Upon arrived at her house, her pet poddle the cute little boy, Richie welcomed me with his most warm-hearted smile. We waited at her house for Bih coming back from Pulau Pangkor and fetched her at Lumut.

Pictures taken at Lumut while waiting for Bih

I love this!

Sunshine, beaches, just left your bikini!

        We went for lunch after that and had some talk along the way and enjoyed the trip very much. Next, Jingsean drove us to the Marina Island Pangkor and we enjoyed the sea breeze at there. The weather was fine and we saw many couple having shooting with their wedding gown so we decided to have ours too! #Self-capture-mood-turned-on! 

Jingsean & Bih while having lunch


Om non non~

Me & Bih at Marina Island Pangkor

The two ginakias

Romantic right?

I like the way my newly-straighten hair flew with the breeze!

This one got feel haha

Love on the beaches



Beautiful scenery with fine weather

I was amazed i can took such great picture!
Syiok-sendiri-ing haha :D

        At night, Jingsean's mum cooked for us the very yummy rice noodles with her self-brew red wine, which in chinese called 红酒面线. It was my very first time tasting the rice noodles cooked with red wine, and we were so attracted to it and had it second round as supper on the next day! We also gave Jingsean a surprise by singing birthday song with her secret birthday cake, happy belated birthday girl! But why you no burst into tears? 

Happy birthday!

Make a wish

The birthday cake, chocolate moist

        On the next day, we went to Ipoh to have dim sum as our breakfast. Jingsean drove us to there and it almost took one hour to reach there. After having the very delicious dim sum, we went to the famous Sim Eng Heong biscuit shop aka 新荣香 to buy some kaya puff, ham dan sou aka 咸蛋酥 and also ham dan gai shi sou aka 咸蛋鸡丝酥. Next, we met Laipeng at the Ipoh bus station and went to the Kinta City for shopping and also visited the Kek Lok Tong cave aka 极乐洞! We had the delicious nga choi gai aka 芽菜鸡, that was chicken cooked with bean sprouts as our dinner. 

Dim sum

4 in love!

While waiting for ah ma~

In the Kek Lok Tong cave

Looked like we were in China!

There's a lake outside the cave

Nga choi gai aka 芽菜鸡

The bean sprouts

        Although i was just a short trip, i enjoyed the every moments we spent together. Jiaying's blog post about "Conversation with little boy" also added so much laughter for us, ++++'s sister "Oh Yeah" had turned her elder sister into "Oh No"! Lastly, thanks Jingsean for planning an awesome trip for us, your little boy Richie will sure be missed! 

This's the cute Richie <3

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