A stress-free saturday

No classes. No exams. No studies. No meeting. No practices.
Today is indeed a stress-free & care-free saturday.

Woke up at 9am today, gossiping with friends
without brushing my teeth & washing my face.
On-lining for a few hours, stalking people
& later having lunch with my roommie.

Going back to my room having couples of hours of nap,
felt satisfied yet tired.
Having dinner with a bunch of friends,
gossiping & laughing at cafe #likeaboss,
cheese burger + mee goreng singapore +
spaghetti + carrot juice (i ate so much!),
so long didnt have such a great feeling mingling with friends.

Went for a jog (actually is walking + sembang-ing) with my roommie
after dinner at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa,
we get lost & went back at around 8pm,
where the sky was already dark.

Uploading a korean drama in PPS, onlining again,
with my wet jersey still on.
A lazy day with no stresses & no worries,
doing things that you like & enjoy them!

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