Birthday Celebration Dinner @ Harvest In Cafe

        Many of my family members are August babies, among them are my dad and my sister who are born exactly on the same day!

        So, we went to the Harvest In Cafe at Irrawaddy Road for a birthday celebration dinner on that day as suggested by my dad.

        As it was Saturday night, the restaurant was fulled when we arrived and we had to wait for about 30 minutes. While waiting at outside, the waitress gave us the menu for us to have a look and made the order.

 Plain water was served after we were seated.

 After that, a bowl of hot mushroom soup and a bun and butter was served too
as appetizer as we ordered the set dinner.

Just add another RM 5.50 for a set which comes with soup of the day,
bun and butter, a choice of drink (peach tea / lemon tea / white coffee / tea) and a dessert.

 The mushroom soup was creamy and thick and of course delicious!
The bun was hot when served so it was very soft and fluffy!

 The first birthday boy, my dad was enjoying his soup and bun!

 Me and the fish cordon bleu

 Fish Cordon Bleu - RM 16.90

The fish was stuffed with chicken ham and cheese,
and served with mashed potato and fresh broccoli.
This dish was not come with any sauce,
so I asked the waiter whether they have tartar sauce,
and ended up with an additional charge of RM 1 on the bill lol!

The cheese flowed out from the layers between the fish and chicken ham!

The second birthday girl, my sis with her fusion style grilled chicken.

 Fusion Style Grilled Chicken - RM 15.90

The chicken was topped with melted cheese and a special sauce.
The grilled chicken was juicy and succulent, made people crave for more!
This dish was served along with crispy potato wedges and fresh vegetable.

 Bro with his chicken in spicy cheesy sauce.

 Chicken in Spicy Cheesy Sauce - RM 15.90

Different among others, this grilled chicken breast is served with buttered rice!
For people who has a large and good appetite, you may opt for this!

 My dad ordered this - Black Pepper Chicken!

My mum was ready to try her chicken cordon bleu!

Chicken Cordon Bleu - RM 15.90

The chicken cordon bleu was more or less the same with the fish cordon bleu,
the chicken was stuffed with ham and cheese too,
but it came with a brown sauce!

 Photo time!
Bro and Cindy.

Family portrait with love <3

 Cake cutting session with two birthday boy and girl!
It was chocolate cheese cake bought by Cindy :)

 Ready to blow the candle!

 Group photo with the birthday cake.

We nearly forgot that the desserts were not yet served!
There were choices of jelly or cake with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to choose from.

P/S: One good thing about this restaurant is there are
no service charge or government tax on the total bill!

Here is the info on how to get there:

Harvest In Cafe

 No. 10, Irrawaddy Road, 10050 Penang.
(Right beside the corner and junction that turn to Chow Thye Road)

604 - 226 1718 / 016 - 408 0687

Operating hours: 11am - 3pm (lunch) / 6pm - 10 pm (dinner)
Closed on Sunday and dinner time on Tuesday

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