Stepping Into New Chapter Of Life

Received a bouquet of flower from a secret admirer!!! Pretty or not?


No lah, I bluff you one lah, this flower is to be given to my brother because......

I attended my brother's convocation at USM last week!!!

Felt so excited and happy for him, finally graduated after four years of
experiences-gaining journey which fulled of laugh, joy and tears in the university!
Time really flies!

The graduation robe was purple in colour, with the long goldish faculty hood at the back,
which looked pretty much like the Harry Potter robe,
made all the graduands looked like wizards and witches *laughs* :DDD
But I think it was classy!

 Congratulations to my brother! We are proud of you!

 With his buddies

With the SGM members

Attending his convocation made me soooo looking forward to my own convocation
in the future after three more years in the pink robe with bouquets of flowers and bears
and greetings from family and friends!
And also throwing the mortar board with all my course-mates!

Now is the time for you to shine,
the time when your dreams are in reach and possibilities, vast.
Now is the time for all of you to become the people you always dreamed of being. 

This is your world.

You are here.

You matter.

The world is waiting!!!

"The fireworks begin today.
Each degree is a lighted match.
Each one of you is a fuse. --- Edward Koch"

Welcome to the new chapter of your life bro!

Wish you the best in everything you do :D

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