One Day Trip @ Penang Hill!

        Penang Hill, or in the Malay as "Bukit Bendera", is known for its beautiful panorama of Georgetown with an elevation of more than 2000 ft above the sea level and its cooler climate and refreshing air.

        Penang Hill is located within the area called Air Itam, situated about 823 meters (2750 feet) above the sea level on this northern part of Penang island. This oldest hill resort and the first in Malaysia has cool, unpolluted air and also historical features.

        The original name of Penang Hill was Flagstaff Hill known by the British, back in the old days of Penang, when a flag fluttering from a flagpole at Bel Retiro, the home of the Governor of Penang at that time.

        As a Penangite, I went to Penang Hill once I was very small, and of course I could hardly remember the scenery at there after N years of time lol. So, I planned to explore the Penang Hill once again on this long semester holiday! *Excited*

 Let me present to you The Penang Hill!

Train tickets bought to travel to the top of the hill!

Show your student card and you can get a discount price at RM 4.00 for two ways!
Normal price for adult is RM 8.00; for child aged between 4-12 years is RM 4.00
and foreign tourist is RM 30.00 for two ways.

The people in charge at the counter just simply gave us the "local child" passes lol
which costed the same price because there were crowd of people lined up to buy the train tickets.

While waiting for the train.

The train is finally arrived after waiting for only about 5 minutes!
The blue, air-conditioned Swiss-made coaches are capable of
ferrying up to 100 passengers at one go!

There are people in charge at there to make sure everyone lined up and went into the coaches orderly.

In the coaches.
There are people sitting and also people standing on the way to the hilltop.

View from the coaches while the train is traveling to the hilltop.

The train travels at a quite fast speed, just like the KL monorail,
and you'll be reaching the top of the Penang Hill in less than 5 minutes time!

        Finally we arrived at the hilltop! Once we stepped out of the train, the weather at there is surprisingly cold with an average temperature ranging from 20 to 27 degree Celsius, and the mean minimum temperature is consistently below 21 degree Celsius! You can even see the fog and mist at there!

        There are even more people at the top of the hill! People busy taking pictures and exploring the hilltop, making the hilltop a lively small village with different people from all walks of life! 

The Penang Hill Railway seen from the top!

Fog and mist at the top of the hill!

        There are numerous attraction sites at the top of the hill. The most famous one is definitely the Owl Museum, the Monkey Cup Garden which is the first garden of carnivorous plant in Malaysia and the Bellevue Aviary and Ginger Garden.

        Besides that, there are also cafe and restaurant and even hotel at the hilltop. Bel Retiro, Gate House, mosque, Hindu temple, canon and the old train, fern hill, playground and the police station can also be found at there.


Cold weather here!

 Look at this fog and clouds and mist make me chill!

It is just like a small village on the top of the hill.

 Handmade grasshoppers!
They look so real!

 The Owl Museum and The Cliff Cafe.
So bad I didn't manage to visit the Owl Museum :'(

 Picture taken with the old train.

Looks like I was at somewhere in the Europe huh?

Every girl wants to take more pictures when there is such a beautiful scenery as background!

 You can also rent this "cart" to ride around the top of the hill and
enjoy the mesmerizing scenery and the spine chilling breeze.

The Hindu temple.

 Water lily!

See how many people are there at my back!

View from the Sky Terrace.

 Ahah trying to capture a flying bird!

 This is the Sky Terrace.

After nearly 2 hours of exploring, we are ready to go back!

While waiting for the train at the upper station.

Some Coway water purifier machines are provided at the station
for people to clench their thirsts with a cup of cold water!

 Last picture before saying goodbye to the Penang Hill!


        Time flies. Will be going back to KL to continue my studies this Sunday :'( Time to face the reality and work harder! Hope the clinical year will be a smooth sailing year for the all of us! Please grant me wisdom and courage to face all the challenges and hopefully I will continue to proceed with BIGGER dreams and LARGER faith, and also a STRONGER brand new me!

Wish me luck ;)

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