Let's wait and see

Life in the university is like that
study, study and study
that's your responsibility
your responsibility to add-on your notes
your responsibility to find extra info
your responsibility to seeking knowledge out of the textbooks
your responsibility to get GOOD gred in your exam

I'm not saying that i dont like to study
i studied hard when i was in secondary school and in matriculation college too
but it's only when exam is around the corner
but back to that time you have bunch of friends fighting together with you
even though the time is harsh
the study is hard
there're always friends accompanied you to go through these hard times
we went to library together
we missed called our friends to wake them up to study
we discussed and shared what we had studied
that feelings made you worked even harder

But back to here
the university life
everyone is studying alone
the one who got good or excellent greds in every single exams will certainly got lot of so-called "friends" around them when the exam is nearer
that's the reality

I admitted that i was lazy in semester one
so i'm trying hard in my semester two
i'm so happy that i got B- in one of the Oral Biology minitest
but the happiness didn't last long
the next day our faculty came out a rank list based on our end-of-sem one results
not included all the minitests in semester one
a shitty piece of list, indeed
it had spoilt my mood
forget about it
let the bygones be bygones
i should work harder to prove to them
hopefully i can find those spirit and motivation back

Let's wait and see.

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