My birthday celebration

        Last thursday my friends planned to celebrate my 20th birthday in advance in the Pavilion's Manhattan Fish Market due to an advertisement.

        The MFM was having a promotion on that day & the fish & chips set was only RM 6.99! Although it was just a few hours celebration, all of us really enjoyed & had lot of fun! After finished our lunch, a lady (a worker there) suddenly took out a birthday cake & heading it to me & all of them were singing birthday song to me! I paused for a moment, felt really surprised & all the people in the MFM were actually looking at us! I nearly burst out into tears! After making the three wishes & blew out the two candles, we were all enjoying the macha cake with red beans from Bread Talk as our desserts.

The MFM fish & chips! Yummy!

Bih, lavonne, fishy, mashi & wei

Mashi, jiayi, schean & fishy 

Me, schean, jiayi, jying & sweetie

The ladies

The only guy

With sweetie

With my dearest roommate jiayi

Cute schean 

Pretty lavonne

Skinny wei 

Fishy with the birthday cake

With bih

 With mashi

With jying

With the only guy justin 

My birthday cake

        Actually my birthday was fell on sunday this year, 1st of April, yes it was April's fool day. So i had another celebration on the weekends! We had our dinner in Fahrenheit's Zanmai sushi & watched a movie "One For The Money" starring Katherine Heigl in Pavilion's GSC cinema on saturday & went to Mid Valley on sunday. A blissful & enjoyable weekends indeed. Thanks Jonathan for coming to KL to celebrate my birthday & gave me an unforgettable memory!

Me in Pavilion


In Zanmai sushi

The special gift which fulls of blessings from my dear friends
I love you guys!

A beautiful gift from my coursemates!
I love them so much!

        Finally, i'm officially 20! Forgot to mention about my lovely family also sent a birthday card for me but sadly i haven't got it yet. My daddy also posted a birthday e-card on my facebook wall on that day! Haha! I miss them very much. Will meet them very soon because i'll back to Penang after the Oral Biology minitest this friday! Excited!

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