Jonathan's Birthday Celebration @ The Kitchen, Melia Kuala Lumpur

        Finally have time to blog about the great food and great time me and my boy had at The Kitchen, a restaurant in the Melia Kuala Lumpur hotel! It was actually a birthday dinner surprise I planned for him two weeks ago and he really surprised when I brought him into the restaurant.

        The Kitchen located at a very strategic location, it situated just beside the Imbi monorail station, we reached there by walking from the station less than 2 minutes.  The restaurant was on the left side of the hotel, both of us were so excited for the buffet dinner once we stepped into the restaurant haha!

        I got to know this restaurant through the Groupon website, where I bought two groupons for the buffet dinner at weekends, which costed me 80 bucks each. The price was much more cheaper than dine in without the groupons.

        The restaurant provided a great ambiance for us to enjoy the good food and also bonding session *blush blush* There was not much people on that day so we stayed for almost three hours at there eating, chit-chatting and also capturing lots of pictures! We really had a great time at there!

        Photo time! Gentle reminder: don't scroll down with an empty stomach!

The Kitchen @ Melia

The buffet dinner started at 6.30pm.
We reached there 15 mins earlier,
so we killed time by taking photo around the hotel.

Such a beautiful setting in a hotel

The birthday boy

Ish my face looks very round here
but I like the lamp so I posted it here lolol

Before went into to treat our stomachs

With my boy

The table reserved for us

Great ambiance

Pepper and salt

Spoon and fork lolol

Happy girl waiting to be served hehe
(is actually self-serving lol)

Boy looks handsome here

Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes
Mashed potatoes was yummy!

Butter vegetables with raisins

My favorite!
Fish piccata

Beef stew

Seafood bouillabaisse

Chinese vegetables
I love this too! I am vege lover!

Fish with tomatoes

Malaysian style chicken curry

Lamb curry

The chef was busy preparing the satay
Malaysians all time favorite!

Cucumbers and onions to be served together with satay

Variety of spices

Egg Foo Yong

Black pepper crab

Mee corner where you can asked the chef to cook for you

Bread corner

Fruits and salad corner

And the dessert corner!
See I told you not to scroll down with an empty stomach!


Fruit cake

Rice pudding

Chocolate fondue

Variety of cakes in the fridge!


Carrot cake

Cream puff


Colourful fruits



Lots of candies!

Mouth-watering puddings


#round 1

Boy's big portion for #round 1

Creamy and thick mushroom soup!
I had two bowls of this!

Desserts time!


Cakes and macaroons

and blueberry chesse tart

and a marshmallow with chocolate too haha

The cake was soooo delicious!

Macaroon macaroon macaroon

The fillings of macaroon

Happy boy

Open your mouth wider please lolol

See how the blueberry fillings flow out!

Berries everywhere

        Although there were not much choices of food served like the Jogoya where there were variety of food ranging from Western to Chinese to Japan cuisines, both of us enjoyed the good quality of food which were served in a small portion for every dishes.

        We had a great night here provided with a great ambiance and a quiet atmosphere. Not to mention the desserts were superb! The cakes were so delicious and made us craved for more!

        Happy birthday again to my boy! Hope you enjoy the night I planned for you. Can't wait to see you this holiday and have another night well spend with good food and good time :) 

More info on The Kitchen @ Melia Kuala Lumpur:

16, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

03-2785 2828


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  1. Haha first time seeing you blog about Jon Jon and you waa! So lovey dovey. Such mouth watering blog post. I love it. Happy Birthday Jonathan! :D And he needs braces too. Haha

    1. Dear Yee Ching,

      Thanks dear! Of course he needs braces and I have told him many times but he is scare of the pain lols! It has been a long time since you last update your blog post! Still comfortable with the braces? Hope you well :)