Charlie Chaplin's Lesson of Life

        Didn't know that other than a great British comic actor and a filmmaker, Sir Charlie Chaplin was also a composer that composed the score for all his films, from the late 1950s to his death, at the age of 88.

 A great quote from a great man


So, laugh more peeps

        I was totally amazed when listening to all his master pieces despite the fact that he was not a trained musician and could not read sheet music and needed the help of professional composers. He taught himself to play the piano, violin and cello as he developed a passion for music as a child.

        Since I first heard his music, I can't help but keep repeating the whole sound tracks that was composed by him. Listening to his beautiful music can at least hold back all the stresses and worries before start treating my first real patient after this holiday and bring me a peaceful mind. One of my favourite is "Blue Eyes", opening title of the movie The Kid (1921).

Blue Eyes
The Kid - Opening Title

"Look up to the sky.
You'll never find rainbows if you're looking down."
--- Charlie Chaplin

        A fun fact before ending this short post: Charlie Chaplin had blue eyes. Most people guessed he had brown eyes since they only see him in black and white films. LOL haha!

        Hope you enjoy his music! Kthxbai! 

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