Dental Farewell Dinner @ Hee Lai Ton Restaurant, Pudu

        It is time to say goodbye to the seniors, after completing the 5-years course which filled with laughs and tears :')

        As usual, we will have a farewell dinner with the seniors to celebrate their graduation and course completion. This year the dental farewell dinner was held at the Hee Lai Ton Restaurant, 10 mins walking distance from the Imbi monorail station. 

        We had our dinner in a small hall with around 8 tables with a karaoke system. Everyone enjoyed the karaoke session so much! The food tasted surprisingly good (too bad I didn't manage to capture some pictures), maybe I was away from home for a long period and start missing Mum's home cooking or rather the Chinese cuisine.

Shuyu, Weitian and me
See the changes of the graduation of our blueness dress?
From dark to light blue. What a coincidence haha :D 

Bih, Pauline, me and Lavonne

Pauline, Jiayi and me

Don't feel like wearing dress on that night, so ended up this casual style.

With my BIG buddy!

 Epic shot don't know taken by who using my phone.
Don't kill me for uploading it hahaha.

The dentists-to-be.
Wishing you all good luck in your working years!

 My buddy lines

My Penang buddy line

I shall end this short update with this group photo.
Us the third year students with the soon-to-be-graduated seniors.

Wishing you all a smooth sailing life ahead!

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