Chilling with 3D Coffee Art @ Cafe 55, George Town, Penang

        Many boutique cafes and theme cafes have sprung up along the old streets and shop houses in the heart of George Town recently. It is amazing to see how the locals and foreigners take this opportunity to turn the abandoned old shops into beautiful boutique cafes and theme cafes which are fulled of people and visitors whenever I passed by.

        I have always wanted to try the 3D coffee art after heard the good reviews and also saw the cute pictures posted in the social media sites, so off we went to the famous Cafe 55 which is the only cafe in Penang that does the 3D coffee art.

The menu

List of coffees, hot chocolates and teas served in the cafe

The also served breakfast and other main course

Love the details of the wooden ceiling which brings you home

The whole cafe was filled with rich aroma of coffee ~

Fulled of people even though it was weekday 

The painting which hang beside our table

Plain water was served while we waiting for our coffees

Be prepared to wait, serving time for the coffee might a bit slow due to the overwhelming of guests and the making of the 3D coffee art took some time.

We waited for nearly 30 minutes for our coffees to be served.

Cappuccino with the kitty 3D coffee art, RM 12

My boy with his kitty

Must take many pictures before I 'finish' you haha!

The cappuccino has a very thick aroma and taste,
a sachet of sugar is not enough for us 'coz it tasted quite bitter.

I strongly recommend you to finish the cappuccino before take a sip of hot chocolate, 'coz the hot chocolate is much sweeter and it might turn the cappuccino to a much more bitter taste after sipping the sweet hot chocolate.

Because the cappuccino is getting bitter and bitter,
at last we put 3 sachets of sugar. *Laugh*

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate with the bunny 3D coffee art, RM15

When bunny meets kitty

Rich bodied hot chocolate with thick foam

A must-take shot when you're having a coffee with thick foam!
Purposely dipped my lip into the foam to get the 'effect' LOL.
I swear I won't do it at other cafes which served foam-less coffee haha!

My boy looked alike with that bunny 

Silly boy acted cute and asked me to snapped a picture of him

Some more copy my pose

After a sip of the hot chocolate 

The hazelnut hot chocolate is my favourite!
It tasted very thick and foamy with a rich aroma of hazelnut.

The barista did well with the foam to create the great 3D coffee art,
and both coffee and hot chocolate were served at a right temperature.
(But not after we finished capture the picture for N times! *Laugh*)

Cafe 55

Address: 55, Lorong Stewart, 10300 George Town, Penang.

Contact No.: 04- 262 2611

Operating hours: 8.30am - 10.30pm (Daily)

Facebook page: 55 Cafe Penang

Here's the map to guide you to the cafe

Have fun and enjoy your cup of coffee!

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