Convocation 2012

How time flies!

It has been the 7th week i'm here, as the 2nd year dental students. It has been one year and a month i'm here, in this university, staying at the same block and the same floor in this college, studying together with the same course-mates, with three more exciting years awaiting us ahead.

Most importantly, it has been 20 years and 6 months i'm here, in this mother earth, breathing the same air and pumping the same heart rate, sometimes i will wonder, what i have learnt throughout these two decades?

Learn how to pass an examination or get as many "A" or even "A+" as you can in your exam slip? Yes sometimes i would say it is a fact to most of the students, i couldn't denied it somehow i study for more than 15 years since kindergarten just to fulfill the main objective of our education system, the more "A" you get, the better you are.

As i grow older, i learn the true meaning of learning, and am still learning. Learning is a life-long process. It is not the matter of how many "A" you get, it is a journey to explore new things or discover new knowledge in your life.

And one of the most touching moment of this learning process is when you can finally wear your graduation gown after those dreadful years fulled of exams and tests (and hopefully some years with awesome discovery!), attend the convocation ceremony with your beloved family and course-mates.

But, your journey does not end here. There are more challenges and struggles awaiting you ahead, to really shape you into a real better person in your life.

With my pretty buddy, Dr Ng in the 40th Convocation Ceremony this morning,
at the Decter, UKM Bangi.

All the best to you, Dr Ng!

Happy learning in life!

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