Of Happenings, Friends, Family and LOVE

        Thanks to all the meetings, dance practices, studies, tests and happenings and outings as well that made up my busy weeksss, I left my blog to dusts and spider webs around for almost a month LOL!

        But still glad that i am able to post this post on May, the first post at the end of the month haha!

        There are sooo many things i wish to share here when i browsing through my phone's gallery, from Bih and Jiayi's 21st birthday celebration, the 35th Asia Pacific Dental Congress @ KLCC where i became the student assistant at the Colgate booth, my college's dinner night where me and my friends performing the Malay dance, my dearest mommy 50th birthday celebration where i rushing back home for the first time when there wasn't any sem break, and to the most recent happening, the killing-me-not-softly-but-hardly-Pharmacology test that just held today WTF.

        Sorry to say that the days will be getting busier and busier since many mini tests and professional exam are around the corner and i haven't start to 'pack up' my brain cells with all the shitty facts from the lectures of very first day of Sem 1 until the very last day of Sem 2.

        Thinking about this every time makes me emo and feel so stressed out like hell because exam weeksss means no entertainment no procrastinating no facebook-ing no wasting of time with continuous study and memorize for the whole 24/7.

        However, thinking of the bright side, after the professional exam i will be on a vacation to Bangkok with my coursemates for a week! But the most important ones is after exam i can go back home and spend my quality time with my family, which is the largest motivation for me to work harder!

        I miss you very much, my daddy and mommy :') Since when i become so mommy-girl and start to talking to my parents on phone everyday and even whatsapp-ed them the dinner i had and the very first partial denture i have done? Well, i think when people get older and matured (btw i'm still 21 lol) they will appreciated more and care more and give more to the people surrounding them, especially with the family, and as well spend more quality time with them rather than facebook-ing and shopping.

        Whenever i saw the conversation between me, my mum and my sis, it will make me laugh out loud and make my day better even it isn't. Don't believe? See the screenshots of the conversations following and you'll know why!

How cute and sweet they are?

Btw it was my sis that texted me what my mom wanna tell me
because she doesn't know how to operate a smart phone LOL!

        This is how the time passes by. Wake up, study for exam, into the exam hall, exam, lunch, discussion, presentation, take a nap, dinner, shower, write a blog post, and that's it, now it's 12am, the other day which full of happenings is awaiting me. 

        Before i end this post, let me show you the picture that i sent to my mom in the conversation above :)

Mommy with her coffee-flavoured birthday cake!
Happy birthday once again!
Love you always, and forever :')

        Till then, good night and good bye world! Will update with you guys after i finish my exam which is on mid-July, good luck to myself and my coursemates! 

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3 comments on "Of Happenings, Friends, Family and LOVE"

  1. Jia you for the rest of the exams! U can do it :)

    1. Thanks! We work hard together! Jiayou :) Can't wait for the Bangkok trip!