Footprints in Krabi - Day 1

White powdery sands, crystal clear sea and hot blazing sun at Bamboo Island

It has been almost a month ago since I went to Krabi, Thailand with my boy for a 4D3N short trip and now only I have time to blog about it after settled down everything for my new semester in a new environment. Seems like it has been 'N years' ago since my last update in my blog, I promise I will try my very best to update it more often ;)

The trip to Krabi was actually a very spontaneous trip that booked on last year when there was AirAsia promotion but it turned out to be a very fun and enjoyable trip for both of us!

The flight we booked was from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi, two-way flight with airport tax and fuel surcharge for only RM 310 for two persons. After adding one 20kg checked-in baggage, two 'Pick A Seat' and direct debit processing fee, the total was RM 382 or RM 191 for each person.

My OOTD at the KLIA 2
Just look at my chubby face and you'll know that
this two-month semester break was treating my very very well~
My face will look slimmer if smiling without showing my teeth lol
I didn't do much survey before the trip, except for some reviews on the hotel and some blog reviews. By having no expectations when travel, I never disappointed, that's what people always say 'With no expectations come no disappointments'. I truly agreed on that.

The hotel we booked was iCheck Inn Ao Nang Krabi that was located at the heart of Ao Nang as the name suggested. We booked the hotel just a few weeks before our trip via and the good news was we managed to get a good price for our 4D3N stay for only RM 220+ for a Superior Room for both of us. That was equal to RM 110 for each person or RM 37 per night! The price was even cheaper than the budget hotel in Malaysia even though they are a 3-star hotel that provides a spacious room and have great friendly staffs! Will do a review on this hotel soon!

My only suggestion before you travel to Krabi is to plan your trip on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, because apart from all the island hopping trips, the Krabi town Night Market operates only at the night from Friday to Sunday.

For those who wish to capture the beautiful moments when you snorkeling in a crystal clear sea, you can always buy your mobile phone waterproof bag beforehand because I found out the waterproof bag that sell in the night market was quite pricey. I bought mine from Taobao and it costed me less than RM 20 for a Note 2 and an iPhone 5s waterproof bag!

Trust me, all the waterproof bags that sell in websites such as has the same quality as the bags I bought from Taobao but they sell in a very high price around RM 30-60 each. Just think about how much profit they have made!

My mobile phone was hanging on my neck in a waterproof bag
We arrived at the Krabi Airport at around 2pm after an one-and-a-half hour flight. The airport was small and the only thing that I remember about the airport is the staffs at the immigrant counter were not friendly at all as I have been 'scolded' twice. One was because I forgot to write on the name of the hotel which I will stay when I arrived and another one was which I forgot to write on my passport number when I were about to depart. What an experience lol!

There is a shuttle bus counter in the airport that provides shuttle bus service to the door of your hotel! The ticket was only 150 baht per person to Ao Nang. You just have to mention the hotel name to the person in charge in the bus and rest assured they will bring you to your hotel and all you have to do is rest in the bus.

The ticket price was cheaper than transfer with a taxi but you may have to wait for some time for the bus to depart and reach your hotel after some routes to other nearby hotels. So don't worry if your hotel doesn't provide airport transfer service because they have a great shuttle bus service that will bring all the travelers to their destinations.

The shuttle bus counter in the airport
It took nearly one hour to reach our hotel. We were greeted warmly by the friendly staffs in the hotel once we arrived. After done the check-in procedures and deposited for 500 baht, we went to 7-11 (Yes 7-11 convenient store is in front of the hotel! How convenient!) to buy some snacks and beverages. 

Since it was around 5pm after settled down everything and some light snacks, we decided to visit the Krabi town night market that was located some distance away from our hotel. We rent a tuk tuk for 700 baht for two persons for a two-way ride. We only found out that we have been charged so much after a friend that we met on a island hopping tour told us that they went to the night market for only 50 baht a ride! 

Both tuk tuk services have the differences of course. The 700 baht ride was only two of us and we can go back anytime because the driver will wait at there for us. For the 50 baht ride per way, the tuk tuk driver may take some time to 'search' for their customers and will only depart when the tuk tuk is full.

Non-stop selfies in the tuk tuk

A petrol station that looked alike 'UKM' lol 
We arrived at the Krabi town night market after nearly a 40-minutes ride. That's why selfies was only thing we can do in a two-person-tuk-tuk to kill the time lol. The night market was not a very huge one but sells a variety of stuffs and food especially the handmade art crafts and souvenirs. 

Krabi town

Krabi Town night market
Handmade souvenirs

Giant squids o.O
Refreshing fruits shake
We had two of it!

Coconut ice cream!
This is the stall the sells the delicious and cheap fruits shake!
Fried ice cream

Part of our supper that night!
Manage to hunt for some cheap and delicious local street food!
I think that's all for my Day 1 Krabi trip. Will blog about the Day 2 trip where we went for Phi Phi Island soon! Stay tuned! Hope you enjoy reading this post and hope all the info above helps! Don't forget to leave me a comment below if you have any question!

Ciao xoxo

Dinner at Kaffa Espresso Bar, Green Hall, Penang

        Kaffa Espresso Bar is a vintage American-themed bar which combines good food, good coffee and company in a cozy and relaxing environment. It is located at Green Hall, near to the Dewan Sri Pinang, which is easily to locate.

        This quaint cafe has a vintage American-themed setting which uses the modern-contemporary design style that lets you enjoy the vintage cozy ambiance and reminisce the glory of the past. 

The main entrance of Green Hall outlet

A suitable place for coffee lovers

The main menu on the counter

The menu for coffee was written on the board

There were no people to serve us when we first went into the cafe,
we need to go to the counter to place our orders.

Vintage-feel decorations were spotted all around the cafe
Spot Paymaster ribbon writer on the counter!

 Such a cozy place to dine in
The hanging light bulbs were my favourite vintage element in the cafe!

The Beatles mural on the brick walls

A cute painting

A corner for the hipsters to get-together

Another corner with the car painting on the brick walls

The stairs to the outdoor balcony area were closed
Too bad we didn't have the chance to enjoy the night view there

Our iced mango juice, RM 6.00

Spicy aglio olio with turkey ham and seaweed
RM 20.90

The spiciness of this spaghetti was generally from the black pepper,
the portion of the turkey ham and seaweed was generous though.

Grilled chicken, Swiss cheese & Avocado Triple-Decker Sandwich
RM 17.90

The sandwich comes with salad and mashed potato.
I like the salad and mashed potato more than the sandwich though.
For me, the sandwich tasted so-so and the breads are quite hard to bite.
Not to mention that the portion of grilled chicken is small, too. 

The triple-decker

The mashed potato was yums!

Kaffa Espresso Bar

Address: 22, Jalan Green Hall,
Georgetown 10200, Penang.

Contact No.: 04 - 262 2822

Opening hours:-
Monday-Tuesday 9am to 10pm
Wednesday-Sunday and Public holidays 9am till late